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Style Evolution:Kristen Stewart
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Celeb Transformation:Sienna Miller


The budding model showed off her developing style. "My parents were quite liberal with us, always encouraging us to be our own person and be creative," she has said.


The British TV star sported her trademark long, loose locks. "Undone is done for Sienna," her hairstylist Alex Dizon has said.

She covered herself in jewelry and was free in how she dressed," Miller has said of her style icon, Janis Joplin. "I love that."

The Factory Girl star got her Edie Sedgwick crop without a whimper. "She's very relaxed," makeup artist Kate Lee has said.


The star of Interview and Stardust slipped easily into a regal role. "She wanted to look like a fairy princess," makeup artist Matin has said of her coronet of braids.


Miller returned to her roots with long blond locks and starred in G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra.