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Celebrities that don't cut their son's hair

Does this drive anyone else crazy? I just saw a picture of Celine Dion at her last Vegas show, and she brought her 7 year old son on stage. His hair is longer than hers! I know some celebrities like Kate Hudson (as well as normal folk) let their son's hair grow long and don't cut it. How do you feel about little boys and long hair?

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Beachwalker Beachwalker 8 years 11 weeks
Who cares? He looks happy.
robinesque robinesque 8 years 23 weeks
JennyJen2 JennyJen2 8 years 23 weeks
I think shoulder length is okay on boys, but beyond that I would have to cut my litle boy's hair. But to each his or her own.
TheUrbanMommy82 TheUrbanMommy82 8 years 23 weeks
Those boys are gonna be mad when they get older. Right now their hair is long because their MOMs want it like that. I doubt the kids will like it once they get bigger--- At least i HOPE they'll outgrow this!!!
q6girl q6girl 8 years 23 weeks
:)That's a BOY!
princessAlexi princessAlexi 8 years 23 weeks
There are some hot guys that can actually get away with long hair, boys, however need short hair. I hate long hair on little boys. xoxo
sweetk8ty76 sweetk8ty76 8 years 23 weeks
Not a fan of long hair on guys. Most guys.
sofi sofi 8 years 23 weeks
it bothers me because my dad, brother, husband and every guy I knew always had short hair- so it just seems odd to me to allow it to grow so long-IMO. Too long for Celine's boy- isn't his name Renee after his father as well? He is going to get teased....
karmasabitch karmasabitch 8 years 23 weeks
Yeah I said I didn't have an opinion and then.. it turned out that I did :ROTFL: So I retract that I don't have an opinion comment :P
wynter wynter 8 years 23 weeks
Agree with Karma although it annoys me like crazy if my boys' hair gets to their ears! lol
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 8 years 23 weeks
I agree with Karma. If the kid doesn't mind the long hair, then who cares?
karmasabitch karmasabitch 8 years 23 weeks
Um.. I don't really have an opinion. If its what the kid wants great.. if the kid wants to cut his hair and the parents say no.. and its not for any religious, etc. reason.. then its kinda sucky.
Michaelrcks Michaelrcks 8 years 23 weeks
MotoLinz MotoLinz 8 years 23 weeks
It doesn't bother me unless it looks crappy. I didn't realize Dion's kid was that old already. Wow.
Jinx Jinx 8 years 23 weeks
Wow, that is long! lol I was expecting a pciture of Ryder. I waited as long as I could before having the boys hair cut, but I think the Dion's is a little extreme. Maybe its his choice, it is only hair. ~ Happy Holidays! ~
Liss1 Liss1 8 years 23 weeks
Long hair doesn't bother me because my husband has long hair but we both agree that when we have kids that we will keep the boy's hair short until they are old enough to decide how they want their hair, so i picked cut that hair already!