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Feel the Love! 10 Heart-Opening Yoga Poses
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Yoga Poses For Strength and Balance

I have shown you all many yoga poses throughout the year. Some have been simple and relaxing, but others can be seriously challenging. Let's review these poses that challenge both your strength and balance. They will have your muscles quivering and the sweat dripping off your skin.

Challenging Yoga Poses<a href="http:/... Scorpion</a> <a href="http:/... Locust</a> <a href="http:/... Crow</a> <a href="http:/... Cross Headstand</a> <a href="http:/... <a href="http:/... Half Bound Lotus</a> <a href="http:/... Crooked Limbs</a> Which pose is the most challenging for you?
inlove23 inlove23 5 years 49 weeks
I wish I could do that!
ThunderRose ThunderRose 6 years 5 weeks
Wow... it looks so easy for you! I'm jealous. I'm TOTALLY going to work towards being able to do that. Happy New Year!!!