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Champagne and Roses

champagne and roses genoise

Valentine’s Day proposal is happening this evening as I write. Sean, the boyfriend  of Sydney’s good friend (Carrie) confided to Sydney, Saturday night, he was planning to propose (on Valentine’s Day) to Carrie. Sean wanted Sydney to be a sounding board to his evening. He went into great detail explaining the candle light dinner he was cooking for her, how he planned to decorate the table with red rose petals, and rented a limousines to bring Carrie to his apartment. Sean had not, however, quite figured the proposal timing and thought Sydney might have an idea. While Sydney was brainstorming a romantic pre dessert proposal, a look of shear terror shaded across Sean’s face. Sydney thought maybe Sean was experiencing “cold Feet;” alias it was not “cold feet”, he had completely forgotten dessert. Sydney calmed Sean down while offering to bake a romantic cake to compliment the spectacular dinner.

Sydney was so elated she awoke me at 2:00 am, informed me about Carrie and explained we needed to design a very special cake. Sydney knew the cake should be a a génoise and I pictured a white champagne cake, we put both our ideas together.

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