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BabySugar Diaries: Party Animal No More

I love a party. I spend an inordinate amount of time planning my lil one's birthday parties – ensuring our chosen theme is seen throughout, and even doing test runs to make sure that the cakes turn out exactly as I envision. In fact, I love tot soirees so much that I find myself wrangling the invitations out of my guy's hands when they arrive and have been known to hip check my husband out of the way so I can be the parent chaperon.

After a weekend of jetting from one end of town to another so my son (and I) can celebrate with his friends from his various activities, I realized we are in party overload. And while some people may consider having a calendar filled with parties as a compliment, I've decided that we're just tired. So without telling my son, I have set a limit of one party a weekend (with exceptions for family members and very close friends) going forward. When invitations come, I will open them and make the decision for us. While I'll miss my double helpings of sugary sweet confections on both Saturday and Sunday, my family (and my waistline) will be better off spending some downtime as a family.

Do you ever decline your child's events without telling them?

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Lemonade Stand Party Lemonade Stand Party Lemonade Stand Party Lemonade Stand Party Lemonade Stand party Lemonade Stand Party Lemonade Stand Party
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I think it's really out of line to never let them see the invites and to make the decision without any input. I let my kids decide which parties take priority, and they know we have to decline some. What do you do when your child is asked at school why they didn't come? You've just put them in the position of claiming they weren't even invited, making a ton of drama. Or all the classmates are talking about how much fun the party was, and your child didn't even know about it, they had to go to the party YOU chose. I trust my kids to make their choices, I don't dictate the whole process.