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Lil Community: A Cirque du Bebe Baby Shower

Last month we were taken with sunkissis's decor for her Cirque du Bebe baby shower. She recently shared the results of her efforts in The Pregnancy Posse group.

I couldn't have asked for a better day. We hosted our own shower and had it at our house so our friends and family could see our nursery. I have been crying with gratitude from my friends and family's kindness. We had PF Chang's catered and Sprinkles cupcakes. All the guests took pictures with the instant cameras and we are going to put them in a scrapbook. We still haven't opened all the gifts, but I am super excited about two in particular. I love Bjork and our daughter's Godmother gave us a Bjork doll from Etsy! I was screaming when I opened it! My other friend made special "Bjork-inspired wrapping paper" for our gifts. We had the guests decorate a onesie for Olivia. Everyone wrote wishes for Olivia and I was full on crying when we read them tonight. Some were so sweet, and some were seriously funny. Jeff, our caricaturist was a huge hit, he made everyone look hilarious. I am so majorly happy how nice everything was. Everyone loved our nursery and kept telling us how lucky our daughter will be. I can't stop grinning from ear to ear.

Circus Themed Baby ShowerCirque du BebeWelcome to Cirque du Bebe *I'm 37 weeks*Setting up for Cirque du BebeSetting up for the showerCirque du BebeCirque du BebeCirque du BebeCirque du BebeCirque du BebeCirque du BebeWe made the menu chalkboard from a door matThe menuMommy & Daddy-to-be, my Mom and my BFF!Cirque du BebeCirque du BebeOlivia wore a moustache tooMe & my amazing doulaCracking up at the onesies the guests decoratedGift tableLets see those moustaches!The Godparents!GuestsCirque du BebeFood was catered by PF ChangsEveryone enjoyed PF Changs chinese foodSprinkles cupcakes *they went fast*My creative friend made this Bjork-inspired wrapping paperOur caricaturistOur caricature *I LOVE this!!*The Bottles up game was a hit *apple juice*Lil Community: A Cirque du Bebe Baby Shower Match the celebrity baby gameWishes for OliviaWe passed around an instant camera/pics went into a scrapbookOlivia's scrapbookOlivia's scrapbookOlivia's scrapbookOlivia's scrapbookOlivia's scrapbookOnesiesWe made a sample of a onesie for the guests to decorateBjork doll from Liv's Godparents *bought from Etsy*
gee-mom gee-mom 4 years 6 weeks
I love the pictures do you have anything left from shower,that you would like to sell. Thanks Gee-Mom