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The Power of Birth Affirmations
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Cirque du Bebe *our baby shower*

My hubby and I are hosting our own coed shower with 45 guests so I am MEGA EXCITED!! Our shower will be May 15th when I'm 37 weeks.  I love planning parties and we have so many activities planned. I think our theme is so chic.

My husband printed all the designs *it helps he's an artist*

I hand wrote all the invites!

Guests write their wishes for Baby Olivia

Baby Quiz

Match the Celebrity Baby game

We have a instant camera for the guests to take candids during the shower, then they put the pictures in a scrapbook and write messages to our daughter.

We made felt moustaches for the guests to play with

We are having the shower catered by PF Chang's so we made take out boxes for our guests with their names on it

These are the table centerpieces

We must have my favorite, Sprinkles Cupcakes :)

I got most of my inspiration from Hostess With the Mostess blog. Great resource for party ideas. We still have so much to do but I am so happy about how nice everything is coming along. I am actually glad I am so busy because it keeps me distracted from freaking out about labor!! 50 days to go.

tsmithbailey tsmithbailey 3 years 41 weeks
Where can I find/purchase the Cirque du bebe best wishes and bebe quiz? I'm planning a shower and I can't seem to find any stationery.
lauren lauren 6 years 5 weeks
I want to see your baby shower too curleyq~it sounds fabulous too!
CurleyQ CurleyQ 6 years 5 weeks
I picked a circus theme too. But its going to be more of a "vintage" circus. Yours looks like its going to be a blast!
lauren lauren 6 years 6 weeks
WOW! This is so impressive! I amazed and sounds like such a fun party. Can't wait to see all the pics.