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Red Diamond Lacy Intrigue Strappy Chemise
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City Street Lights

Same 15 hour workday, but across the street from the GM building(workplace) @ the SE corner of Central Park.  The building in the top right is extremely well lit and was reflected on the windows across the street from it, the one in the middle.  I really loved the overall warm feel it gave me, and streaking traffic was just a nice bonus but helps pull it all together.


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lauren lauren 6 years 7 weeks
jayceee jayceee 6 years 7 weeks
This photo is extraordinary. I especially like the way the cars lights look, streaking alongside the stationary Handsome Cabs. Well done, mt friend.
mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 6 years 8 weeks
I love this! I have always wanted to take a street photo like this, well done.