Clinique 3 Step.

Hey Sugar babes,

I've used Clinique 3 step in the past, and I've being using other brands since it ran out. I am thinking about possibly usisng it again but before I do I was wondering what you all have to say about it being women or possibly men with wisdom in these areas.

So we have all heard off the famous good old Clinique 3 step. I mean you see so many advertisements for it and promotional offers, samples and magazine's trying to promote it like it will be vanished off the planet any minute so we all need to but it. But have you tried it? use it regularly? would never consider either? and is it worth the price? These are all question I know many of you ladies ( or men I know there are a few of you on here) could answer and discuss I mean it is one of the most promoted and well known clinique products.

The clinique three step is made to suit all types of skin you can chose the exact cleanser, toner for your skin and the third step is the dramatically different moisturizer which is recommended to everyone as it is meant to be so good for your skin, and it should be considering the price for the amount you get 125ml AU $73 which maybe isn't that much compared to some other brands but I would still like it to do the job.

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So what is you opinion? post on the poll and enter comments, lets discuss.

ritajo ritajo 8 years 6 weeks
I have four kids..thats not in my budget :)
wren1 wren1 8 years 7 weeks
I've never tried it. Right now I'm trying to switch to inexpensive products, so I've been using a Neutrogena cleanser. And I rarely use a toner.