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Closet Conundrum!

I'm not looking for a particular piece of furniture or anything, so I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but oh well. Worth a shot!

We have a teeny tiny 83 year old bathroom that serves most of the house (we do have another bathroom, but it's in the basement). We are about to renovate it, and are hiring professionals to do much of the work, but I was hoping to tackle the closet door ourselves to save money. When we moved into the house, there was a ginormous mirror door covering the closet. It covered that entire wall up to the tub.  I didn't really like seeing myself while using my facilities, so we removed it, thinking we had the original door in the basement. In fact, the door belonged to something else, but I really hated the mirror, so we just put a shower curtain in the closet as a temporary fix. Here are two pictures of the closet now (please ignore the plaster patches/holes and other issues):

Now to the dilemma. First of all, the door is a very weird size. No matter how much we search, we can't find any pre-made doors that fit.  We had one estimate done a while ago, and they wanted to charge us $1,000 to put a door here. I don't think so. If we find solid wood doors or make them ourselves (how?), we can cut them to size, but that leads us to problem 2, which is that the door to the bathroom opens right over the closet, as you can see in the second picture, so we don't know what kind of door to put there.  I don't think we can do a bifold because it would hit the other door.  We could do sliding doors, but then we could only access one side of the closet at a time. Sooo, that finally leads us to my question, what suggestions do you guys have? What type of door should we use? In a dream world, I'd like doors with glass panels in the top half of them since that closet is valuable real estate in a tiny bathroom, but that's not a must. Where can I shop for different closet doors? I need lots of help!  Yet another option is to fix up the closet and trim it out, but use no doors at all, I'm just not sure I can keep it organized enough for that!

lauren lauren 5 years 12 weeks
I love all of these ideas! Can't wait to see what you do! We just finished up our bathroom remodel! It was a process but I love the finished product!
Elka-Karl Elka-Karl 5 years 12 weeks
Darn it, my suggestion would be a pocket door as well! How about using a barn door instead, similar to the one I showcased in a weekend DIY roundup?,0,2 You obviously wouldn't have to go as rustic as this!
LiliesandBiscuits LiliesandBiscuits 5 years 12 weeks
Thanks! Those are great ideas about putting molding on the shelves (I didn't even think about that) and painting the back. I would love to do a pocket door, but on the right side of the closet is the hallway, and on the left side there is only about a foot and a half before there's a bunch of plumbing. :( So there's nowhere to put the pocket for the pocket door! Sad. We don't have an Ikea in St. Louis, but I'll look around for panels on tracks. Thanks again!
livinglovely livinglovely 5 years 12 weeks
That's a great idea! I think the key to making it not look unfinished is to use some nice, chunky trim/moulding. Trim around the opening, but also trim out the front of the shelves. You could paint the back wall of the closet an accent color to make the whole look appear purposeful. You could also consider putting in a pocket door. These are practical for saving space and I think very charming. They come in standard sizes at your local home improvement store, but you can also order them custom. I've posted some examples on my blog: Another inexpensive option would be to use curtain panels on a track. They look a bit more finished than traditional curtains and are super inexpensive. You can purcahse them at Ikea for under $50 bucks. Hope this helps!
LiliesandBiscuits LiliesandBiscuits 5 years 13 weeks
So I just found this: and it's really making me lean towards the no-doors-at-all approach. What do you think? Would it make the bathroom look bigger (after we clean it up, organize it, and paint the inside white, plus trim the outside of it)? Or would it just look unfinished?