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3 Ideas For Tackling a Murphy Bed Mystery

YumSugar's Susannah Chen recently asked the Assisted Living group for decorating advice:

After five years at the same place, I'm just getting around to really decorating. One huge conundrum: what to do with the little nook that houses my TV/entertainment station. It used to house a Murphy bed, and just looks a little barren and empty. I'm not quite sure what to do with it.

I thought about putting a framed picture above it, but that would compete with the television screen for attention. I thought about curtains, but wondered if that was cheesy. On top of that, I've got to wrangle with the two ugly rail tracks that it's left behind.

Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Closet Decorating IdeasHi Susannah! One idea is to paint the interior of the closet black to camouflage your television. Then hang photography in black frames around the television. I'm not sure how slim your TV is, but if it can be mounted then hang it on the wall. It'll transform the empty closet into a salon-style gallery wall.
If not, replace your TV stand with a table that's a little higher to make it eye-level. Regardless, the TV should be centered in front of the closet and raised to provide symmetry.
Install shelves in the closet. (Those "ugly rail tracks" may actually come in handy for the installation.) You can fill the shelves with books and cute accessories and set your TV there. Or you can use a shelf as a desktop surface, and turn the space into an office. You'll find another place for your TV!
Wallpaper the interior of the closet to turn it in a focal point rather than an eyesore! Choose one with a busy pattern like Graham and Brown's Field Poppies ($85).
You might even hang a few floating invisible bookshelves on the wall behind it, scattered at different heights, to create some movement.
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Susannah-Chen Susannah-Chen 5 years 6 weeks
These are incredible ideas! Thank so much for them all. I'm going to have to run them by my cohabitant, but I love the idea of raising the level of the TV (it's not mountable, but could at least be higher), then going to town with some cool temporary wallpaper, and installing those invisible shelves like you suggested. My currently bare walls thank you in advance!
ella1978 ella1978 5 years 6 weeks
I am on board with the shelving. With that amount of space you could up some amazing shelving. Make them all the full depth of the nook & make sure to make one high enough to house your TV. You can use it as a bookshelf, media center, and add some great decor.