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Cloth Diapers do They All Leak?

I really want to give cloth diapers a try for my newborn. I have heard many moms tell me horror stories about cloth diapers just leaking everywhere and ruining clothes. I want to give it a try but before I jump on the cloth diaper wagon, I wondered if anyone had a brand they preferred that hopefully leaks less and isn't terrible expensive to maintain. Right now, I am using regular diapers and feel so guilty every time I throw one away. Please help me out!

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preetivish preetivish 3 years 43 weeks
I live in India and we almost exclusively use cloth for kids. Its just recently that people use disposables for night just so that the baby isn't disturbed by the constant changing. We dont have any fancy products available here. Its a piece of cloth which we secure using baby diaper pins. That's all. And everytime my baby gets wet, I have to change him, which amounts to 8-10 diaper changes a day. Yeah that's a lot of washing to do. I use baby detergent, specially formulated for babies and hence no rash.
3 years 51 weeks
thanks anon#4 for your reply. i am so afraid of using too much detergent that i use very very little--the store owner of the local cloth diaper shop where i purchased the diapers recommended 1/4 of what the manufacturer recommends. it's probably about 2 teaspoons of powdered country save. i sun when i can (live in pacific northwest). when i was using cloth at night i was adding a hemp insert. that didn't prevent leaks. i was having to change him three times in the night. i ordered a bamboo zorb but i think the bulkiness alone caused leaks. still had to change numerous times through the night. hence why i gave up.
3 years 51 weeks
hellywelly, are you washing your own or are you using a diaper service, because if you're having ammonia burns, it sounds like you're using too much detergent when washign and they aren't being rinsed out well enough. I find it can be a hard balance because we always think more soap gets things cleaner, but it's not necessasarily true. Now that I have a front loader, it's almost harder to get the balance right as they don't get nearly as much water through them to rinse really well. The best thing I've found for this problem is to strip your diapers really well-lots of great instructions on line-and then use the absolute smallest amount of detergent you can to wash and then if you're worried about the staining, sun bleach them. It's a pretty good learning curve to get used to the washing and the general using of cloth, but if you can find the balance, I think you'll find they work so much better for you. An option for night time is adding extra doublers if you haven't already, or if you're desperate, put the disposable on with a cloth diaper cover over top. Hope it gets easier and better for you, and if you're still having troubles try speaking with a cloth diaper store if there's one in your area-they can be really helpful and understand the struggles we all have sometimes with the diapers.
MissSushi MissSushi 3 years 52 weeks
I very seldomly ever have leaks, and we exclusively CD. I use prefolds and Thirsties duo covers, as well as thirsties inserts. When I do have a leak, its always user error - its been a bit too long, left a bit of prefold sticking out and it wicked, diaper isn't aligned, etc. Just the same as when I used disposables with my first. Fit is really the deciding factor, and also how you take care of the diapers and how often you change them. You have to use specific detergents and you can't use too much or it will build up and you'll have leakage problems. Another thing is, diapers aren't meant to be left on your kid for hours and hours on end. I always get a ton of flack for this, but its absolutely true. You are supposed to change the diaper when the baby wets even a small amount. You aren't supposed to leave them on until they don't absorb anymore - disposables or cloth. No, I don't wake my kids up to change them in the night, but if they pee through a diaper, I don't get pissy with it or freak out. I am thankful DAILY that I am not pouring out hundreds of dollars each month on diapers. That I always have diapers on hand. I purchased the Thirsties duo covers so I would only have to purchase two sizes. I chose prefolds because I liked the versatility, cost, and how extensive use and drying will last longer then say the elastic in an AIO. He is 6 months old and almost 15 pounds, and we are still using size 1, and will not move up to size 2 for quite some time, its MUCH larger. We have two size 2's for nighttime stuffing. The cottonbabies sleeves stuffed with a microfiber and soaker layer work for us at night, and he is a very heavy wetter. I also use a size 2 with two microfiber inserts and a soaker inside a sleeve for my 29 pound nearly 3 year old because she still doesn't make it through the night dry. I don't feel like its a bigger commitment or more work for me, and this is my opinion, because all you do is take the diapers out of the pail, put them in, soak, wash, dry. Easier for me to fit in during the course of the night then pack the kids up and go to the store to stand in line for 40 minutes for one of the 2 cashiers on duty because all the stores pay their employees crap and treat them like dirt.
3 years 52 weeks
i'm still sticking with it b/c of the money invested, but we have had a really trying time with CDs. since june we've had three ammonia burns, two diaper rashes, use disposables at night as i can't find a good nighttime solution for my heavy wetter, lots of leaks, trouble with getting a washing routine down. positives: they contain poop REALLY well. i've never had a blowout. the snaps are great--it makes it super easy to put on, much more than disposables. they're soft and cute and of course, the environmental aspect. in my personal opinion, it's a lot of work and a big commitment. we use fuzzibunz. but from what i'm reading, all my issues must be "user error."
3 years 52 weeks
I've never had a blow-out and only had a couple leaks when I first starting using cloth. Not all brands work for all babies. Some have higher/shorter rises, some are tighter or looser in the thighs, etc. So what one mom raves about could be a total disaster for your situation. I'd suggest getting a diaper trial from an online CD store (several stores offer this service) so you can see what works best for your child. For my daughter, we've had the best luck with Kawaii, Happy Heinys, bumGenius, and a few WAHM brands.
meumitsuki meumitsuki 3 years 52 weeks
Cloth diapers do take some getting used to and in the beginning, while trying to use a cloth diaper in the middle of the night, you might have some leaks. I have used them with all three kids and I love the bambino MIO type and I have only had one leak with them, and it was completely my error. I suggest setting up a few and having them ready, so you aren't trying to stuff them into the covers while dealing with a squirming baby on the table.
Deidre Deidre 3 years 52 weeks
I don't know what kind of cloth diapers your friends are using, modernmommy! Cloth diapers are known for actually having less leaks and blowouts than disposables. Like some of these other posters have said, it's all about getting the right sizing for your baby and putting them on snuggly. I'm a big fan of bumgenius all-in-ones, like katiekat. And if you want to use the standard pre-fold diapers, I highly recommend pairing them with Thirsties Duo covers. They have this awesome extra seal around the leg to prevent leaks. Check out for great info on cloth diapers.
POPSUGAR-Moms POPSUGAR-Moms 3 years 52 weeks
We will soon be reviewing Charlie Bananas variety and will let you know how those are with leakage protection!
katiekat katiekat 3 years 52 weeks
my daughter wears bumgenius 3.0's and I rarely have issues with leaking. Once or twice she has woken up with wet pajamas...but that has only been when her grandpa has babysat the night before. He's never been very good at getting dipes (disposable or cloth) on snugly! Give cloth a's not nearly as much work as you would think. As I said, the bumgenius are great...they also have a neat hybrid dipe called flips that I would love to try.
3 years 52 weeks
Cloth diapers should not leak, and as mentioned above, it's usually user error. I've cloth diapered my 3 kids and have loved it and have had almost all of our leaks and blowouts with disposables! The big thing is to find the one's that fit your children best and use them properly. My faves are Mother-ease one-size or Mother-ease Sandy's both in bamboo. They have an amazing website and are a great company to work with also. Far better for the environment and stay soft forever, and highly absorbent. Big things are to follow manufacturers instructions as well to optimize performance. My family loves these ones because they're far less expensive than all in one's as you need separate covers, but the covers are only about $5 and last all day with replacing the $10 diapers at changes versus changing the whole thing ever diaper change at upwards of $30/diaper. I also would recommend snaps as the wee ones can't figure them out nearly as easily as Velcro so the when they get to the "stripping naked" phase you have far less surprises. I also agree that if you can find a diaper trial and test things out, to definitely do it! Good for you for wanting to use cloth! It's way better for baby and the environment!
3 years 52 weeks
cloth are like 'sposies. find the ones that fit right and you'll have *less* leaks. we use FB one size and the only leaks come from either an unexpected nap in an under-stuffed diaper or when we don't snap them up right - both are user-error. Jillians' Drawers has a trial that allows you to test out several different styles and keep what works and send back what doesn't. Give it a shot. The planet will thank you!