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Coffee In Waiting

Coffee In Waiting
My husband and I went on a coffee plantation tour while on our Honeymoon in Costa Rica. These are the coffee beans bagged and waiting to be shipped so one day they can become a steaming cup of joe.
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Sweet-Kirstin Sweet-Kirstin 5 years 30 weeks
I absolutely LOVE this photo of all that Sacred Coffee!! :heart: :coffeecup: sweetkirstin
valevintage valevintage 6 years 7 weeks
love this picture!
lauren lauren 6 years 9 weeks
great picture btw!
lauren lauren 6 years 9 weeks
I completely agree with your husband! It is the best, the peaberry is my favorite!
Mish79 Mish79 6 years 10 weeks
That's where we toured. My husband is the coffee fan and this was his mecca.
lauren lauren 6 years 10 weeks
Oh Yum! We toured Doka Estates when we went to Costa Rica and now we mail order their coffee. It is just simply delicious!!!!