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Celebrities At 2013 amfAR Inspiration Gala; Sharon Stone
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Comic Con Interview with Cineplex

Rob sums up Breaking Dawn:Have sex, demon baby,no get married first,then Jacob falls in love with the little baby, then they all try to kill wach other and nothing happens. :rotfl:

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RpattzsWife RpattzsWife 4 years 43 weeks
I especially loved the "they all try to kill each other and nothing happens". My mom would agree with the 'nothing happens". She didn't finish it because it was boring and dull.
RpattzsWife RpattzsWife 4 years 43 weeks
*ugh ignores Oni, even though her comments are really sickening this time* I agree imlookingatanangel, I love seeing him comfortable and enjoying himself. Oh, come home with me Rob! :love:
imlookinatanangel imlookinatanangel 4 years 43 weeks
Awww rob looks very happy and veryyy relaxed, makes me happy seeing him that way :D
JuLi85 JuLi85 4 years 43 weeks
So funny!! :rotfl: I love him! He's just too adorable!!
Bri4everRob Bri4everRob 4 years 43 weeks
"Oh my god, is this smaller than last time?" :ROTFL: Rob you are so funny. i could watch this video all day, especially with Rob in such a good mood through the whole thing. :D
oni2 oni2 4 years 43 weeks
I have watched this video several times, looking at robs face when she is talking about knowing each other for so long...I think they are really married in real life..Just robs actions, and how he is laughing at what she is saying. Listen to the words,, how she talks about bella and edward. I know rob is silly sometimes but he laughing at the story she is telling...I think maybe they could be maried
oni2 oni2 4 years 43 weeks
I think they could be married thats why he is laughing so hard, she is talking about being together for so long....
oni2 oni2 4 years 43 weeks
They are just the cutest couple and they belong together. He brings out the best in her, and she in him..You know the thing Rob said about the balcony, when they were doing interviews for eclipse they both were on a balcony alone and dancing...I wonder if its far fetched to think that they might already be married....Just my thoughts what is everybody elses....He has been giveing hints left and right...I am just wondering....
RpattzsWife RpattzsWife 4 years 43 weeks
:ROTFL: oh silly silly Rob! God I love his laugh, so sexy! And I love his outfit, also sooo sexy! :drool: Seriously though what was with Kristen's top, we don't want to see her bra that's disgusting. Unless it's suppose to be some kind of style than sorry. I know nothing about styles and fashion because I don't care about them. But still, it's gross and really unnecessary.