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Buh-Bye, Gym! Tips For Transitioning From the Treadmill to the Road
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How to Deal With 4 Common Running Issues

From itchy legs to charley horses, runners are prone to certain common problems. Whether you've experienced all or none of these issues, here's a quick refresher on how to deal with some of running's most common — and treatable — issues.

Common Running Problems and SolutionsItchy LegsRunner's KneeSide StitchesCharley Horse
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RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 3 years 50 weeks
How I hate the itchy legs! I will try the anti histamine thing. Something that I always get, especially outside, is a runny nose :(
3 years 51 weeks
I used to get itchy legs also...especially if I would run early in the mornings and if it was a little chilly outside. Now, I just MAKE SURE that lotion up/moisturize my legs and back as much as possible. Maybe you have dry skin...just a thought. The claritan sounds like a good idea too...
4 years 11 h
I get horribly itchy legs (and other parts of my body, too!) when I walk, even though I walk every day. It can be so bad that I have to stop and wait for the itching to stop. If I actually scratch, it just makes things worse. I've found that taking an antihistamine (like Claritin) 20 minutes before walking helps immensely!