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Recap of Lost Episode "What They Died For"
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The Constant - Easter Eggs and one really kick-ass theory (spoilers!)

1) Fans are referring to the people on the ship as "The Freighties"...so, we have Losties (the original cast from Season 1 who were in the cabin), the Tailies (survivors from the tail section), The Others, and now The Freighties.

****Warning**** SKIP #2 IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT FUTURE EPISODES*************************
2) There is a Michael-centric episode coming up in March...so it seems at this point that our speculation that Ben's "man" on the ship is Michael could be correct. Libby will also appear in this episode - hopefully to give some explanation as to how she ended up in the mental hospital with Hurley.

3) One theory suggests that all of the survivors have been on the island before, but they can't put the pieces together. Evidence: Locke believes it is his destiny to be on the island, he saw Boone's death before it happened, he knew where the hatch was, and he knew where the prop plane with Eko's brother crashed. Other hints at this theory: "They have all had some sort of vision of past or future while on the island, whether it be Charlie’s visions of saving Aaron, Jacks’ visions of his father, Eko’s of his brother, Claire’s visions of someone wanting to take her baby, Kate seeing the horse and hearing her father’s voice, Sawyer hearing the whispers saying, 'It will come back around,' -- you get the point." Source .

Now, this is where this theory gets really good....Obviously, you can click on the source link and read the whole thing yourself, but for the sake of being pithy, I'll paraphrase:

The island is the key to the time travel. Entering the atmosphere at different bearings is what causes the mind to jump into different time periods, and Daniel is the person who has unlocked that mystery....also (and this is my thought here), this could be the reason we see him crying when he sees the footage of the Oceanic plane crash - he hasn't been there yet, but his mind has already experienced the events and is causing him to have an emotional response to the footage. To me, that denotes that things don't turn out so great.

More evidence:

"Lenny Toomey - from passing near the island’s atmosphere.

Hurley -He mentions to Sayid that they can hear music from “another time.”


Radinsky - killed himself because he had no constant?

Jack..in the future - talking about his father being alive? Is he having flashes? When he tells Kate they have to go back - Does he mean back to the island? Or back in time? Hmm

Sawyer even said something is season one that has always stuck with me -To Kate: I made this wish four years ago.

The whispers and hallucinations are a result of traveling into and being trapped in the doorway between worlds (which is the island). This is why they envision people and things that are not there -voices that are not real -they are all things that the islands atmosphere “receives” from other times because it is traveling between. It is a tesseract."

This theory is VERY good, but lengthy, so I really suggest that you all read it for yourselves so we can discuss...it gets into Danielle's crew members - remember, they had the sickness?; Claire's psychic seeing events from an alternate timeline, etc.

Also, it includes a line I'd forgotten about where Ben tells Locke that the island is hidden "even from God."

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hvnly34 hvnly34 8 years 12 weeks
RCLdesigngirl RCLdesigngirl 8 years 12 weeks
Sorry...It's the "Time Travel Sickness" theory by lovinlost411.
hvnly34 hvnly34 8 years 12 weeks
Which theory RCL? the link takes me to the list of theories but I don't know whose you are recommending.
SweetPeasMom SweetPeasMom 8 years 12 weeks
I want to post this part that is from the link viridian1 posted:
DOC JENSEN: Another popular theory making the rounds is that we're dealing with alternate realities. For example, there are people who think the flash-forwards are merely possible future scenarios, not written in stone. CARLTON CUSE: We want people to believe in the stakes of the show. The problem with alternative realities is that you never know when the rug is going to be pulled out from under you. We want the audience to believe that the jeopardy is real. Postulating alternative realities would be an escape valve that would be damaging that as a narrative value. DAMON LINDELOF: You can get away with it in Heroes, where there is an apocalyptic future you want to avoid. But we're doing the opposite. We want to work toward a future where Jack is absolutely miserable and wants to go back to the Island. Everything we present to the audience has to be factual. CUSE: We want the audience to believe that is THE future. We don't want people thinking, ''Well, since there are five iterations of this, I'm not going to invest in what's happening to the characters.'' LINDELOF: We're not going to tell you that we're against bending the time-space continuum. We are very for it. Carlton and I are PRO time-space continuum bending! But we're ANTI-paradox. Paradox creates issues. In Heroes, Masi Oka's character travels back from the future to say, ''You must prevent New York from being destroyed.'' But if they prevent New York from being destroyed, Masi Oka can never travel back from the future to warn you, because Future Hiro no longer exists. Right? So when we start having those conversations at Lost, we go, ''This show is already confusing enough as it is.'' To actually have characters traveling through time has to be handled very deftly. CUSE: For example, the fifth episode of the season [airing next week] deals with time travel and operates in different time periods. It was a tough story to break. But we adhere to our rule: no paradox. LINDELOF: It's been weird, though. When we got back from the strike, we had to put up a master timeline of the future, from the point where the Oceanic 6 will end up leaving the Island all the way up to where the flash-forwards will end.
So, basically, they don't want to get into going back and doing things differently because it could change the future. The flashes Desmond is having doesn't change Daniel's past and change the course of his future, rather it's just always happened that way and we don't know why or if Daniel doesn't remember it.
GirlC GirlC 8 years 12 weeks
Interesting about Jack wanting to go "back".
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 8 years 12 weeks
Ooh, interesting how maybe that's what made Lenny go crazy. :ponder:
SweetPeasMom SweetPeasMom 8 years 12 weeks
The producers are calling them the "Freighter Folk"... at least the ones who came to the island. They said there will be two different types, though. The Freighter Folk who are more benign and some more evil (or evil-seeming) ones.