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Cooking for a crowd?Since I stay alone I have learned to cook for one which I am very proud but when it comes to cooking for

Since I stay alone I have learned to cook for one which I am very proud but when it comes to cooking for others im lost. I often budget but if I cooked what I cook for myself for others I would stay broke and starving. I should probably ask my sister with four kids and a husband. idk  Whats some good recipes to used to feed a crowd and not go broke?

willofsteel willofsteel 5 years 38 weeks
Thanx 4 the tips!! :)
MindayH MindayH 5 years 38 weeks
I think this is a great question as it can be extremely expensive to host! Plus if you are anything like me, part of the reason it gets expensive is b/c I always want to make sure I have MORE food rather than less food. I recently made a fettucini with bacon, onions, shallots, parm - it was really easy, and the leftovers were delish. The most expensive item was bacon. I always struggle with this as well, but am a fan of doing some sort of taco bar as well - when you use ground beef/chicken/turkey it definitely cuts costs down - and again, leftovers are very easy to turn into something else.
nuttmegs17 nuttmegs17 5 years 38 weeks
I second the pasta's and/or crock pot route. Crock pot meals are great b/c a great deal of flavor develops even the most inexpensive cuts of meat. There are a couple of great recipes from Real Simple that I've done in the past that have gone over really well and that are cheap: Their "Slow Cooker Cuban Braised Beef and Peppers" was easy, inexpensive, and a hit. Also, I've used their "lasagna style baked ziti"...I mean, who doesn't love lasagna OR baked ziti?! :) It was super cheap too (especailly for the amount it fed!) I would stay away from most chicken and seafood based dishes as that gets pricey. If it's a relaxed, laid back vib, just make a batch of coleslaw or some sort of tossed salad, put out bread, plus some brownies or cookies for a treat and you've got a nice spread.
skigurl skigurl 5 years 38 weeks
I agree, it totally depends on who you are feeding and what the occasion is. When my MIL is feeding a crowd of guys who will inevitably invade her home during hockey season, she makes a bit crock-pot of pulled pork or chili, has some fresh buns on the side, and it's delicious. I would also say a BBQ is super easy and cheap. That's what I would do if it were my house in the summer.
willofsteel willofsteel 5 years 38 weeks
Thanx! I will try your suggestions..
lauren lauren 5 years 38 weeks
Let us know what you make?
lauren lauren 5 years 38 weeks
I think it depends on the sort of crowd you are entertaining! There are a lot of really great dishes you make relatively inexpensively to feed a crowd! Pasta is an easy one, crock pot dishes like soups, maybe you want to do just a simple appetizer plate with cheese, crackers and cured meat! Also enchiladas, lasagna, and other casserole are easy to make in advance and throw in the oven to get it ready for your guests.