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Cool Secret Message Website

I was recently spending some time with a brother's friend of mine who started a website and I thought it would be good to post on here because I found it to be pretty funny/neat.  It's got a few different functions but the best one that I can tell is something that sends a message to an email address and allows you to correspond under the guise of anonymity.  Now he was explaining all the funny things that he sees people post (which is what reminded me about it when reading the SEO LOL post earlier).  I have never posted (here) so not sure how to do it but I know he'd appreciate it to get some feedback on the website - - it's not the easiest thing to figure out but I also understand it has some poll options and something called an email intervention.

He made the website to poll a bunch of friends about another friend so that they could tell the friend that he was embarking down the wrong path in life.  Anyway, I haven't figured out (or come up with a use for that one) but it was a nice way of relaying a message in an "intervention" format.

I played around with it a bit - sent a few "Valentine" messages and called it a day.  Needs some fixes but I think someday it'll be a sweet site!