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Creature Comforts

I am human.  I get down sometimes.  Who doesn't? There are lots of things I like to do to try to de-stress.  My ideas are not creative yet for me they work flawlessly. Sit back, put on your slanket, pour some hot cocoa and enjoy.

Adorable animal videos perk me up quicker than milk fudge chocolate dripping from the sky.  For your viewing pleasure I have scoured the web for the most adorable animal videos I could find.  Hey, that's what Cougars are for.

I am allergic to cats (not cougars, obviously).  This is true.  I don't like it and I don't condone it but that's life. That doesn't stop me from enjoying a cute kitten video every once in awhile. It almost makes me want to get one.  It isn't difficult.  Every friend and family member I know have kittens to spare.  (In the words of Bob Barker, spay or neuter your pets folks).  Off topic, anyone else think it is funny that Bob's last name is "Barker"?

I'll share a secret.  The pug on the left I have fallen madly in love with and plan to elope for a human/pug wedding. Save the date invites in the mail.  Keep your eye on your mailbox.  His eyes enchant me like none other.

And last but not least my most favorite animal videos ever will always be Meerkats. Most people flock to zoos to see elephants, giraffes, tigers and lions.  Not me.  I am all about the Meerkats.  My heart races and adrenaline pumps the closer I get to them.  They always look at humans like we are idiots and have a permanent scowl (they are perceptive animals).  And every time there is always one lone Meerkat perched on a rock sitting like a 55 year old man after eating a hearty Thanksgiving dinner.  Just sitting back and taking in the scene. Truly fascinating creatures.  I don't want one though.  They would rip out my hair and I would not be pleased.

Baby Polar Bear waves goodbye

CoconutPie CoconutPie 6 years 37 weeks
:rotfl: :rotfl: There are so many funny things about this post. It took me forever to read it, I couldn't stop laughing.