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DIY Beauty: Exfoliate With Sugar, So Sweet!

One of my favorite online sites is, a place where other beauty fiends can review their experiences with different makeup brands & skincare products. After some recent browsing on the site, I found out that sugar can be used as a facial & body scrub. Yes, plain ol' sugar, the kind you find in your pantry! I don't know why I never thought about using it before. It's gentle, easy & so cheap!

I added a few pinches of sugar to my aspirin & honey mask. It worked pretty well. After gently scrubbing, my skin felt very smooth & it glowed!

You can add sugar to your favorite soap or cleanser to turn it into an exfoliator. A lot of people combine it with olive oil & scrub away! I haven't tried olive oil yet, but I hear it does wonders, so maybe I'll do that soon. Other things you can use with sugar include cold-pressed oils, essential oils & honey. Experiment with that works best for your individual skin. Don't be afraid to explore! I've also heard of women bringing a cup of sugar with them into the shower & using it (along with soap) to exfoliate their whole body. It's great for elbows & feet too. Just remember not to scrub too hard, do it gently in circular motions! :) Always begin with wet skin & use light pressure.

Happy sugaring, Sugars!

Ilovefruit Ilovefruit 3 years 44 weeks
I have started a skin blog, please look it up, :)
Orchid23 Orchid23 8 years 35 weeks
seems like a great beauty tip! thanx also if you heat up honey & sugar with a bit of water, it can be used as wax for hair removal. CCee thanx for that lip tip - Orchid23
Katharine Katharine 8 years 35 weeks
I have been doing this for years and it is great. I usually mix sugar and honey together right before my shower. I like olive oil too but it makes the shower floor slippery and it is a pain to clean.
CCee CCee 8 years 36 weeks
Try mixing the sugar with honey and gently rub it over your lips for soft kissible lips.
tati33 tati33 8 years 36 weeks
Yep I use sugar for my face & it's fantastic! ;) Good looking out, i am elle
mominator mominator 8 years 36 weeks
I can't wait to get sweet and smooth. Thanks for the fabulous tip!
Precious04 Precious04 8 years 36 weeks
i will have to get the girls together and try it
i-am-elle i-am-elle 8 years 36 weeks
Oops, I meant stylysh. :)
i-am-elle i-am-elle 8 years 36 weeks
Yes, ladies, do try it! That sugar scrub looks yummy, stylish! Hehe. rlveronica, I dunno bout the kosher salt! :-P
Tari007 Tari007 8 years 36 weeks
I have used the sugar scrubs from the Body Shop, but never thought I could simply add sugar to my favorite face cleanser or body gel! Thanks for sharing! I'll be all "sugared" up this week! :smile:
buffyrulez buffyrulez 8 years 36 weeks
great one!
stylysh stylysh 8 years 36 weeks
thats a great "Sugar" Tip! thanks :) I actually use this Bliss Orange and Spearmint Sugar scrub and its great! not too expensive either..its $25.
kiwitwist kiwitwist 8 years 36 weeks
that is great!!
ALSW ALSW 8 years 36 weeks
I've used sugar scrubs before, but I really need to break out the pantry sugar instead! Thanks for the tip!
sgdish sgdish 8 years 36 weeks
Holly-J Holly-J 8 years 36 weeks
Now thats a great and sweet(tehe) idea!!!!
juiceejuice juiceejuice 8 years 36 weeks
olive oil and sugar works great!
rlveronica rlveronica 8 years 36 weeks
Can we use kosher salt? Hehe.
SassAndBide SassAndBide 8 years 36 weeks
"Happy sugaring, Sugars!" LOL LOVE IT :Rotfl: & i love too :) !