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DIY 'Light Bright' Installation from Blueprint Magazine

After a series of failed baking adventures I realized it was time for me to transfer my love for YumSugar and food magazines to CasaSugar and design magazines. In the spirit of the holidays I picked a Light Bright project from this month's Blueprint magazine. I must admit, I'm a much better painter and craftswoman than I am a baker so the project was definately a confidence booster. The Blueprint picture is on the left, my replica is on the right.

The Blueprint directions suggest: Start by painting a stretched canvas from an art-supply store (Blueprint used a pale-pink latex paint, I picked a light gold color because the walls of my house are all beige). Then plot out your design by penciling dots on the back, keeping them a half-inch apart. Gently press an awl through each dot to make a hole slightly smaller than the diameter of the bulb (the Blueprint creators and I both used white Christmas lights). Press a bulb into each hole; secure each with craft clue. (I skipped the glue step just in case any of the lights blow out.)

Items you'll need: Canvas (I used a 36X24 canvas I bought at an art supply store). Paint for canvas. Brushes. Newspaper/cloth so you don't spill paint. White Christmas lights. Glue. It also helps to have music and a soda or glass of wine on hand.

I'm completely satisfied with the end result. I love Christmas lights but I'm going away for the holidays this year and probably won't end up decorating a tree – that being said, I think this piece offers more than enough "bright holiday" cheer for the season.

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Debra15174249 Debra15174249 40 weeks 2 h
I love this idea!! I have plenty of canvases This would be awesome in a fireplace that isn't being used. Hmmmm....and we have such a fireplace too! Thanks for sharing this!!
justausername justausername 2 years 24 weeks
Hey I'm making this right now. Did the canvas kind of tear when you made the holes? And I was going to skip the glue part but it doesn't seem like the bulbs will stay in without it. What was your experience with this?
Punkinhead Punkinhead 3 years 34 weeks
This would be a great night light in a child's room. Art and function at their combined best.
christi777 christi777 4 years 26 weeks
My sissy sent this url to me today. I am SO glad that she did. I just LOVE this and am ready to make one myself! So many talented people out there!
kather kather 4 years 46 weeks
Great!!! I'm gonna make one too! :)
wren1 wren1 6 years 34 weeks
So cool. Thanks for sharing the idea! I think I'm going to do it for my boyfriend. He loves that kind of stuff!
freegracefrom freegracefrom 6 years 34 weeks
You did such a great job! I wanted to do this too, but haven't figured out exactly where I'll put it yet. I'm so sad about 'Blueprint' ceasing publication though. :( I really loved that magazine.
astanisz astanisz 6 years 42 weeks
I love that. I my ahve to make one of my own for the living room or entry way! Thanks for sharing! Yours turned out stunning.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 6 years 42 weeks
That is amazing. I would definitely say that it could easily work for any season not just the holidays. I love it. I might be stealing this idea from you but your's probably looks better than mine would.
partysugar partysugar 6 years 43 weeks
This is gorgeous!!
Community-Manager Community-Manager 6 years 43 weeks
That looks awesome, I want to make one for my house! Thanks for the idea!!!
CocoChic CocoChic 6 years 43 weeks
I love this! I want to make one now! ____ :star: