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The Dancing Stars Around the Moon

This is a photo of a chinese theater that was played outside on a lake. They had 5 real moutains in the back in which they shined different colored lights on to give the play more effect. As night sky came out the brighter the lights became creating this very serene sight, there were about 5 thousand people in the stands watching the 1000 or more people put this play on this lake. 


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WTCelesta WTCelesta 6 years 9 weeks
This photo rocks!
roark roark 6 years 9 weeks
Thanks for the compliments. This was a hard photo to take, this was my first trip taking a DSLR camera, and my first time using it at night. I took about 150 pictures only to find about 15 of them were good and the rest were trash. Most of the trash photo's were either to dim, to blurry or to bight, but I remember for this photo I tried something new. I had the lense open for about 3 second so i had to sit completely still and not breath, but it was worth the effort in the end. =)
namespace namespace 6 years 9 weeks
love it
georgie2 georgie2 6 years 9 weeks
Oh hey, this rings a bell, I've been to something like this in china before... I've completely forgotten about it!
lauren lauren 6 years 9 weeks
WOW! Simply WOW