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Happy Valentines Day - ladies of Kama Sutra!! & Grandpa :)
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Dating Tips: 10 Tips to React on First Date

The first date decides the future of your relationship. It is very important to showcase the maximum positive aspects of your personality so that your partner can get influenced. Here are some tips for how to react on your first date. Read the article carefully to know what you should do and what you should not do on your first date.

Venue for the date: it should be a coffee house or a silent sea shore where you can know each other well. Do not go for the crowded places.

Clothing: your clothes should make you feel good and should be comfortable to wear, that’s enough. Don’t try to overdress that will only make you uncomfortable.

Help the other feel comfortable: a date is said to be good if both are able to enjoy. You should try to make the other feel comfortable. Involve some jokes in your conversation and laugh together this remove the nervousness of the other person.

Show basic etiquettes: you should always pull a chair for the lady. Saying thanks to waiter or the one who is serving show your manners to the other person.

Focus on the other person: you should always focus on your date. Your eyes should not wander here and there, you should not seem preoccupied with work or any thing else.

Listen carefully: you should listen carefully what the other the other person is saying. You should not interrupt in between and start speaking. Let the other one finish first.

Attitude and Habits: you should try to avoid your bad habits and should try to maintain a positive attitude.

Be real: don’t try to fake. Be real and behave like what you normally do.

Remember to carry your wallet: don’t ever forget your wallet on your date. If you ever forgot your wallet, this will spoil the whole date.

Avoid the current topics: don’t ever talk about the current political situation in any part of the world or about any other news. This can make the other to feel as if he/she is getting bored.

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Happy Valentines Day - ladies of Kama Sutra!! & Grandpa :) Will you be celebrating Valentine’s with someone, or enduring it all alone? Yummy Valentine’s Day Treats to Make Tonight! Which of These 6 Fun Flirty Panties Would You Wear on Valentines Day? Love Sayings & Quotes you'll love How to look extra sexy for a romantic night Gifts to impress your girlfriend/boyfriend