Lovely Little Vignettes
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Delightful Memories

A couple lovely little vignettes from my bedroom. Both sit atop glass and silver furniture from Pier 1. The framed art is from my travels and everything has special significance to me, from my first experience seeing Les Miserables to my first visits to New York and Washington DC.  Books, statues, and glassware all have fond memories attached and my jewelry is displayed and provides easy access when I'm running out the door.

sylvia1986 sylvia1986 1 year 41 weeks
where ever did you find that gorgeous lamp?
MashiaraQCS MashiaraQCS 3 years 26 weeks
Thanks Lauren, The necklace holders are actually the Kryptos Hook Rack from Anthropologie. I used one in Iron and Silver for visual dimension, which isn't highly visible in the photo. They are still available in Iron:
lauren lauren 3 years 26 weeks
I love having little nooks in my house full memories! Thanks for sharing yours! Where did you pick up your necklace holders?