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Lil Community: Epidural or Natural?

Pregnancy is a journey filled with growth and learning. LilSugar reader Beaner has been bringing our readers along on her journey and is asking the Community for their thoughts on delivery in The Pregnancy Posse group.

In my Prenatal Yoga class last week, one woman said that she's camping out a week before her due date so she can get the epidural as soon as she has her first contraction. I know that giving birth will involve pain, but after reading a lot about natural childbirth, and seeing the documentary The Business of Being Born, I have a whole new perspective on how going drug-free will benefit both me and my baby. I was curious though to see what you other moms-to-be are planning on doing for your births.

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CurleyQ CurleyQ 5 years 51 weeks
Im all for the epidural. It doesnt hurt the baby and it will only help me feel better at what Im about to do. To me, being in all that pain sounds stressful. If you did natural or want to...go ahead! As for me - I want it as soon as I can get it!