Did Rumer Willis have plastic surgery?


kmlvr9 kmlvr9 1 year 37 weeks
Thats not fair...she is cute. Looks like Demi alot.
Prissy123 Prissy123 4 years 47 weeks
You people are so cruel. The funny thing is the people ripping on this girl are probably so ugly and plagued with insecurities that it makes you feel better to bash someone else's looks. I think she has gorgeous eyes and the haircut doesn't suit her.
Cuppitycake Cuppitycake 6 years 9 weeks
She is so foul...FUGLY! Poor Demi....she better start SENDING her daughter to the surgeon, save all of our eyes!!!!!
pureperfection pureperfection 6 years 20 weeks
i totally agree with vmruby
emelina02 emelina02 6 years 32 weeks
Daisy6264 Daisy6264 7 years 7 weeks
ThePerfectScore ThePerfectScore 7 years 8 weeks
fashionstar fashionstar 7 years 9 weeks
She looks exactly the same as she did in the first pic, so I voted no. Do you know how Conan O'Brien does the celebrity mating game on his show, where he takes two celebs and morphs their pictures together to see what scary looking child they'd produce? Well Rumer looks like one of those scary looking children, her face looks like all of Bruce's and Demi's flaws thrown together. Fugly!
arihm arihm 7 years 9 weeks
She's still ugly, so what difference does it make?
pumachick100 pumachick100 7 years 9 weeks
I hate her and she did have plastic sugery.
SpeakLike-aChild SpeakLike-aChild 7 years 11 weeks
lol maybe a different haircut would help to her cause
fucsia fucsia 7 years 11 weeks
i don't like her at all..
any any 7 years 12 weeks
jajaja :P u're mean... i love it!
sibalc sibalc 7 years 12 weeks
sorry but even if she had the surgery, she still look ugggggly to me... i just don't understand, his mum and dad are both hot when they are young, she just didn't get any of the good genes at all.
Karma-Co Karma-Co 7 years 13 weeks
:ROTFL: She hasn't changed 1 bit!
rosyposy rosyposy 7 years 13 weeks
its sad that plastic surgery couldnt fix her fugness anyway
Hope5 Hope5 7 years 13 weeks
No, I don't think so!
sweetheart_450 sweetheart_450 7 years 13 weeks
Haha! She still looks the same.
CandyCaneJane CandyCaneJane 7 years 13 weeks
Oh, it's so mean, but so funny.
vmruby vmruby 7 years 13 weeks
I'm sorry i feel really bad saying this but that girl is downright fugly...
imahoopie imahoopie 7 years 13 weeks
Whoops. Balenciaga. I was blinded by her beauty!
imahoopie imahoopie 7 years 13 weeks
Looks the same to me! By the way, is that a Balegiaga bag she's carrying in the first pic? I want it!