Did Tom Cruise have a nose job?

pumachick100 pumachick100 8 years 45 weeks
Yes of course.
kh312 kh312 8 years 48 weeks
hey oona if you read the papers more often you would know that he admitted to getting a nose job several years back.and even though that might not be him in the first photo, take any picture of him when he was younger and you would see that there is a clear difference in the nose and the teeth.
Oona Oona 8 years 51 weeks
Oh, the link: http://www.grinza.com/news/latest/tom-cruise-and-his-looks-20070603-51.html *Nothing's gonna change my world* Thank you John.
Oona Oona 8 years 51 weeks
Tom Cruise And His Looks Written by Christine Toner At 44 years old Tom Cruise has been in the papers more recently than at any point in his career as a result of his public romance with Katie Holmes which saw Tom declare his love for the young actress by leaping up and down on a sofa on the Oprah Winfrey show! The couple have just had their first child together so are the sleepless nights getting to Tom? And is having a pretty young thing on his arm a help or a hindrance when it comes to looking old? Fashion Journalist Louise Gerrard says “Tom Cruise is absolutely gorgeous and he looks fantastic for his age. He knows exactly what looks good on him and it shows. When he shows up at film premiers he really shows the younger actors how it’s done! Sharp suits or well-fitting jeans and well-cut t-shirts that show off his great physique are perfect for him.” “The thing that makes Tom seem old is his behaviour. Sometimes he does things that just remind you off an embarrassing dad dancing at a wedding - namely his antics on Oprah! If he can tone that down a little he’ll be fine” Cosmetic Specialist Dr Richard Halton says “Aside from extensive dental work, I would not say Tom has received any cosmetic treatment”. Tom gets 9 on 10 on the Grinza scale. From Louise- “looking great but acting rather strange!” *Nothing's gonna change my world* Thank you John.
t0xxic t0xxic 8 years 51 weeks
soniya_star soniya_star 8 years 51 weeks
it sure looks like it! well i wouldnt be surprised if he did it
Jennifer_2sugar Jennifer_2sugar 8 years 51 weeks
i just said yes because damn i hate that guy
JustMe21 JustMe21 8 years 51 weeks
Looks like it.
Princess-Rebecca Princess-Rebecca 8 years 51 weeks
It has been in the press of course he has...