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New Bombshell on Gossip Girl??
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Did You Like That Dan and Serena Got Back Together??

In the premiere of Gossip Girl Season 2, it turned out that Dan and Serena made up and made out! Did you like it or did you just groan at the thought of the two together again...

MarieTS MarieTS 6 years 13 weeks
Yes of course i love them i think that they are a perfect couple and i would really want them together in season 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ariellelove ariellelove 7 years 38 weeks
i think they should have waited it out till one of the later episodes this season but i still love them being together. i'm more interested about blair and chuck too, they're more exciting.
peachy-thing11 peachy-thing11 7 years 38 weeks
I love them theirs something so cute about them being together
marseilles-rose marseilles-rose 7 years 38 weeks
Yes because they are really cute together.
DecemberBaby DecemberBaby 7 years 38 weeks
The only reason why I don't mind is because I'm beyond sure they won't stay together and I'm with fifafifa I'm more interested in Blair and Chuck
patent-leather patent-leather 7 years 38 weeks
I'm kinda over Dan and Serena I want her to find a more exciting boy!
fifafifa fifafifa 7 years 38 weeks
definitely... but i'm more excited to see what happens between blair and chuck as the season progresses!