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Black Friday: Food Court Survival Guide
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Hi all. I pretty much do this every few months...I get all gung-ho, blog about my dieting, my exercise, then i don't blog for a while because I am not dieting anymore. Part of my problem is binge eating...there I said it. It isn't all the time, and it comes in spurts. I am trying to get it under control though, and am slowly but surely doing that I believe. In any case, I found out today that my lower back will be messed up the rest of my life...and the only way I can ease some of the pain is to shed the extra weight. So, because I don't want to be on pills, and I want my back to stop hurting so bad, I am going to be strict, I am going to exercise even though it hurts, and I am going to feel better. I am already going out to dinner tomorrow and saturday night, and i don't know where but will do my best to make the best decision on the menu. Below is a picture of my breakfast, lunch and snacks for tomorrow. I left the 4 bottles of water out because those are at work. I am having :Women's Nutrition instant oatmeal for breakfast, mandarin oranges as snacks...I have 4 because they are only like 36 calories a piece...a banana as a snack, a turkey and provolone sandwich with light mayo on whole wheat bread, and a container of low fat cottage cheese (with probiotic fiber whatever that is) oh, and a diet jones cream soda.

I am sad, and depressed right now. I must come to terms with the fact that regardless of what I do, I will have to deal with back pain the rest of my life. Skinny or fat, there are things wrong with my back. I am seeing nothing right now than a fat old person who sits around thinking about what she wishes she could do in my future, and although I know that is dramatic, what can I say? I am going to walk for 35 minutes tomorrow night, even though walking hurts...usually my back isn't this bad, but for the next week I am on strong NSAIDs and muscle relaxers to ease the pain...usually i have mild pain but recently it has become severe. After 2.5 weeks of dealing with it, I know for sure what is wrong. IT could be worse, I could have an incurable disease or be really sick, and I know that. But right now, I just feel so blah. So anyways. Here is my food intake until 6 PM tomorrow. When I am hungry I will chug water.

Wish me luck! and let me know how all of you are doing too! old friends who I haven't spoken to in a while, and new friend I have yet to meet!

7kimba7 7kimba7 8 years 23 weeks
I agree with the others- I used to think of it as a "diet"... and now it's just "the way I eat." it's a lifestyle. I am a Philadelphian and I can't even tell you when the last time I ate a cheesesteak was, and my body has completely forgotten about them- I don't even crave them. Your mindset has a huge impact! Good luck!
Cher Cher 8 years 26 weeks
The more you obsess over food the worse things will get. My best advice is to focus more on living. Example, take a walk to look at the fall leaves or the jems your city holds around town. Its easier said than done but the more you focus on "being strict" and "dieting" the more the binging will become habit!
wmurdy wmurdy 8 years 27 weeks
First of all, Cravinsugar, good for you for taking steps (literally) for your health. That said, what you are eating is not good for it. The foods that you have chosen are good, but there is not enough of them. Like Country Betty said, don't diet, just change your way of eating and make it a lifestyle choice, not a diet. I too, used to be a binge eater and I know all about the guilt and not being able to control yourself. I found that once I let myself eat whenever I was hungry, it eliminated it. Depriving yourself makes a binge and a failure much more likely. Just eat vegetables and healthy snacks when you are hungry. I read a great book that said something to the extent that when we know what we should eat, we can actually eat MORE of it!
Bettyesque Bettyesque 8 years 27 weeks
I hear ya girl but you know what just stop dieting or calling it that. Eat right thats what I say its all mental. If you start out thinking its like a task rather then a goal there is a good chance you will lose interest. Ive starting thinking about as just a way of life :) I eat what I want but healthy and in moderation .. I never deprive myself of anything because if I do I will fail. Good Luck hun! Stay positive