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Destination Maternity Debuts Disney Maternity Collection

Expectant mamas will soon be able to dress their babies in "wonderful world of Disney" apparel before they even exit the womb. Affordable maternity retailer Motherhood Maternity just gave us a sneak peek at its exclusive new collaboration with Disney. The collection, which will be available in stores and online beginning Aug. 12, will include t-shirts and sleepwear featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse, as well as Winnie the Pooh, and will expand into onesies for newborns soon after (including holiday-themed pieces just in time for Christmas). This marks the first time The Mouse has offered a line for moms-to-be — too bad the collection wasn't around when former Mouseketeers Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears were expecting! Do you like the line or think the famous characters are more appropriate on children's clothing?

4 years 6 weeks
Adorable! A little late for me, since I'm due in 3 weeks, but next time!
4 years 7 weeks
These are awful. I don't happen to be a "disney person" like the person above noted, but I like plenty of other things and don't feel the need to advertise them on my clothing. These are not appropriate for grown women. Gross and WT!
4 years 7 weeks
The pink set is PJs thus around the house wear, so it's perfect. The other is a nursing shirt, which i'd wear with jeans or different leggings
MissSushi MissSushi 4 years 7 weeks
I think it's really cute... for around the house/sleepwear, which I assume it is. I love stuff like this for around the house though.
4 years 7 weeks
SOooooo love it! VERY cute!!!!
4 years 7 weeks
I think they are cute. If u don't like it u must not be Disney people.
4 years 7 weeks
I'd wear it as a t-shirt around the house or -- maybe -- running errands, but that's about it.
4 years 7 weeks
ugghh...that is awful. leave the cartoons to the kids
4 years 7 weeks
I think adults in disney clothes are creepy!!
starbucks2 starbucks2 4 years 8 weeks
ew, no...I hope that's supposed to be sleepwear.
4 years 8 weeks
I'd wear it all. I love my Disney tshirts and have both of those in the non-maternity short-sleeved versions. Although I'd wear them with jeans or other pants rather than the leggings. My only complaint is that the shirts are too short.
skigurl skigurl 4 years 8 weeks
I'm pretty sure Britney and Christina wouldn't be caught dead in this, and neither would I! but I'd put it on my wee one.
jenni5 jenni5 4 years 8 weeks
Maybe for sleep but that's about it. Better for kids clothes!