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How to get the campfire smoke out of my hair?
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Do Tell: Discontinued Beauty Products?

A few years back I was hooked on Australian makeup brand, Vincent Longo (Diamond Lip Gloss in Coral Cabana to be exact). When I showed up at Sephora, ready to buy my favorite lip color, I was informed that the only place to purchase is the Australian website. Sadly, I moved on to similar color. I was reminiscing about my one time favorite and want to know— have you ever made it to the makeup counter only to find out your beloved beauty product was discontinued?

IndahM IndahM 5 years 4 weeks
Ultima II CHR night cream. It was 100% collagen, it worked wonders for my hard to find now :(
GummiBears GummiBears 5 years 7 weeks
The only makeup that I am truly broken up over is Black Radiance Soft Honey blush. It is a drugstore blush but it is so brown girl friendly and the perfect day time blush for most WOC (IMO), I am pissed that Black Radiance discontinued it and replaced it with some wack a$$ blush.
JenniferVL JenniferVL 5 years 11 weeks
yes! there is actually two , one was Tony and Tina which you can only buy on the web now. And Max Factor which was sold at drugstores but I heard it was a really big makeup line in the 70s.