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Do You Decorate With Heels?

I have a friend who recently gave her entire house an interior makeover. From new countertops to tile flooring, her new place looks great. However, what really caught my eye were her heels — and not the ones on her feet. She had a pair of vintage, purple suede YSL heels on display in her living room. Now, I've seen this before on sites like The Coveteur, but I never thought this was something people did. I always thought of it as staged for photos. After seeing it in person, I think it is a cool, creative way to decorate. I may have to try it! What about you? Do you decorate with heels?

Source: The Coveteur

Maryline Maryline 3 years 24 weeks
I love it! I guess it's a great use for those stripper shoes you like driving/walking by a store. You like them but don't want to buy them for 1) not being able to wear them anywhere 2) not wanting to be mistaken for a stripper.
stephaniepoli stephaniepoli 3 years 30 weeks
I love the look, but what instantly comes to mind is the germs carried in from the bottom of the shoe. I would be totally grossed out by a shoe that gets worn, then placed on say, an end table for example. Now if the shoes are inactive, I approve.
Bromeliad Bromeliad 3 years 30 weeks
I have decorates with shoes, both successfully and unsuccessfully. (I once tried a wall display of shoes but it didn't quite work out. )
3 years 30 weeks
I've actually used heels on a bookcase that sits at the end of my bed. When I'd want to wear them I'd take them down and add them later to where they were. I think if you have some really hot creative looking shoes, why not display them? You want to wear them on your feet, so why not display them and enjoy them when you're not wearing them!