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Do You Keep In Touch With Past Co-Workers?

Having interned all through college, and even post-grad, I encountered many individuals; some of which I consider my great friends. It was so rewarding working with a group of students that shared my interests and career goals. I had an amazing time and consider some of them great friends. Most of them, I still with talk daily, and we help each other out professionally and personally. I mean, I was lucky enough to have met my best friend on the first day of my first internship! Which brings me to the question; do you keep in touch with past co-workers? What about people you interned with? Share your stories!




tjfranco tjfranco 3 years 28 weeks
I've kept in touch with all my past co-workers and we try to get together once every 2 months and catch up. My cousin once told me "never burn your bridges" and I really believe those words are something we can all live by. You don't have to be 'buddy-buddy' with all your acquaintances but those that you find worthwhile and invaluable to your life, make sure you continue to keep that bond strong. You never know how having them in your life can be an advantage, both socially and psychologically.
amber512 amber512 3 years 44 weeks
I have never had a job where I worked with the same people over and over and hung out outside of work. So, actually no.
J-Rabbit J-Rabbit 3 years 44 weeks
I keep in touch with people I've worked with and it's benefited me both personally and professionally. I definitely think it's a good idea.
3 years 44 weeks
All of my friends are from past jobs. I don't go to bars or have a wild social life so how else do you really make friends when you're an adult? :)
Miss-Infamous Miss-Infamous 3 years 44 weeks
Of course! One of my ex co workers from 5 years ago is one of my closest friends today.
3 years 44 weeks
Absolutely. You work with these people on a daily basis. Sometimes seeing them even more than your own family. And in a lot of ways, the crew you work with (whether it be office, resturant ect..) are like family. I keep in touch with my past co-workers whom I've grown to love (not all, but some). And a few of them I consider to be some of my best friends.