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Do You Stick to Dark or Light Nail Polish in the Winter?

Over the weekend I stumbled upon a pretty pink polish by Essie. I usually opt for darker colors in the winter, but I loved this lighter hued lacquer and without even thinking— bought it. When I got home I painted my nails and  suddenly realized that the polish may be a bit too light for the winter. What do you think? Does it matter or do you stick to darker nail polish around this time of year?


peppagal peppagal 5 years 17 weeks
I don't stick to either, just whichever colour takes my fancy! I don't think it matters!
anabelgg anabelgg 5 years 18 weeks
I don't think it REALLY matters...nail polish is just another accessory...and you can accessorize according to your personality, mood, or outfit :) That winter colour of these purple-grey blends ( is going to stick around until summer.
Miss-Janet Miss-Janet 5 years 20 weeks
For winter I always wear daker shades, mostly reds like revlon red. In the spring I usually wear brighter shades but I always sneek in my reds!
Smashboxchick Smashboxchick 5 years 20 weeks
Light, always light. I have very light skin so bright colors look weird on me. I usually stick to pale pinks, nudes, or white.
nailpolishfanatic nailpolishfanatic 5 years 21 weeks
I really don't think it matters what color of nail polish you wear in the winter time. Some of the colors are too dark to be able to pull off wearing. I usually wear pink and red shades. Wear what you feel comfortable wearing.
Jody76 Jody76 5 years 22 weeks
In the fall and winter seasons, I tend to do darker shades of pinks and neutral colors (the only colors I wear). In the spring and summer, I tend to do lighter, brighter shades (electric, hot pink is my favorite in the summer).
adtafoya adtafoya 5 years 22 weeks
I know! I agree, I think I had a minor lapse in judgement. :/ Thanks for the recommendation though—will definitely check it out. :)
judafusco judafusco 5 years 22 weeks
I personally think that particular color is too light for winter. I say go for a nice silver nail polish this winter! I really like Run With It - OPI Sephora. It is a nice lighter shade for winter. Love it!