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Hi, I just want to say....
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Do you eat before or after a morning workout?

So today I just signed up a two-week free pass to a local gym, and I'm scheduled to workout tomorrow morning. Anyhow this is my second attempt to trying to get fit; last summer I only lasted a month.

I do have a question that is on my mind:

Do you eat before or after a morning workout? And why?

xxhaleighxx xxhaleighxx 7 years 49 weeks
ha i have to be at work at 6:30 and i do not work out or eat in the morning
ilovecandyfloss ilovecandyfloss 7 years 49 weeks
I do ashtanga yoga in the mornings, so no food before hand... Its pretty hard cos I'm a 'I must eat breakfast the second I wake up' kinda girl... But then I take a banana with me so I can eat on my way home :)
maisiegirl maisiegirl 7 years 50 weeks
before otherwise i run out of steam. i'll do poached eggs and a piece of whole wheat toast, some oj, and tons of water. sometimes a protein shake or fruit with oatmeal and yogurt. i don't eat a lot, but i try to eat an hour before i go, especially on days i'm working with my trainer because i go in earlier and do cardio, so by the time we do weights, my energy level is still good. i notice that if i am on a "good" healthy eating routine, especially the day before, then i continue to have great energy. i've been eating lots of lean chicken, some fish, fruit, salads and veggies with a great whole wheat bread (not a lot) or will have some whole wheat pasta with my dinner and this seems to be perfect for workout energy, but also weight loss. if i go on an afternoon hike or am hitting the gym in the afternoon, i will have half a sandwich + a salad and that is also a great pre-workout meal. i just discovered today that i have recently lost five pounds--woohoo! good luck with getting to the gym pink! it's great to take care of yourself and get in shape. make yourself a great workout playlist to motivate yourself and it makes the time fly. i try to be consistent with hitting the gym and/or walking the dogs. and now that summer is here, i've just spent time in santa fe going on GREAT hikes. it was nice to see how my workouts and weight training have added to my endurance and strength, especially when hiking for several hours at 8,500 feet! you go girl!
CiaoBella2 CiaoBella2 7 years 50 weeks
I usually have a glass of oj and a yogurt or banana 30 min. before the gym or a run. If I do a long run on the weekend I'll eat before and something afterwards like oatmeal w/applesauce and walnuts on top to refuel my bod.
mswindang mswindang 7 years 50 weeks
i meant granola bars OR fruits
mswindang mswindang 7 years 50 weeks
i don't do the morning - im too lazy to get up in the morning and burn calories. i go to the gym after work though and i know this is probably bad - i eat after. :) but it's usually just granola bars of fruits. nothing heavy.
NatureMadeLisa NatureMadeLisa 7 years 50 weeks
I usually can't eat before I work out - but if I do it is only a granola bar or cereal. I like to eat afterwards though, it is a nice reward...
pinkflats pinkflats 7 years 50 weeks
thanks for the tips ladies.
QueenMargot QueenMargot 7 years 50 weeks
I never did it in the morning, so I can't help you, sorry.
Rocket-Bunny Rocket-Bunny 7 years 50 weeks
I usually eat fruit before like a fruit salad or yogurt with water and a juice Then right after have water and open a tuna creation. Usually eating the whole thing after I shower I eat an omelet with a bunch of veggies or a green salad as a side dish. I love food!!!
syako syako 7 years 50 weeks
Pink - In the latest issue of Shape Magazine (July 08) they have a little article on how to stick to working out (I saw you said you usually only last a month). Anyway the advice was to do one session of strength training a week (targeting the total body) and then three sessions of 20 minutes of easy-intensity cardio. Then the next week you up your cardio by 5 minutes, and keep upping it by 5 minutes until you reach 45 minutes of moderate/intense cardio. Somewhere in there (I'd say week 3) you should add a second session of strength training. Basically the idea is to ease into it so you're not so sore the day after that you don't want to work out again for another week! :P Well, I thought that was cool advice when I read it, so I figured I'd pass it along. ;)
bizzybee bizzybee 7 years 50 weeks
Good luck with working out pinks! My advice is to just focus on getting there. The hard part is getting the routine going but once it's started things somehow get easier.
bizzybee bizzybee 7 years 50 weeks
I eat before. But if it's early in the morning, it will be something light like a smoothie, yogurt + fruit, peanut butter on toast or poached eggs + toast. My tummy tends to be sensitive so I keep it simple but eat I must or I run out of steam and get woozy.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 7 years 50 weeks
About 30min before working out; nothing heavy either a soy protein shake or an apple w/ light peanut buttter.
ayuninur ayuninur 7 years 50 weeks
JustPlainJane JustPlainJane 7 years 50 weeks
It depends when I workout, and what I'm doing but generally I wake up, have a protein shake and then run 3 miles, and then have a snack like a banana after I workout If I'm doing something like pilates or weights then I'll have something simple like cereal and fruit *Thank you. My real name... is plain... Jane Jones. (Alice - Closer)
graldi19 graldi19 7 years 50 weeks
i have coffee and a yougurt about 45 min before i hit the gym every morning. i need a lil something for energy but too much makes me feel sluggish and full
outofhere outofhere 7 years 50 weeks
I'm a weirdo - I work out late at night so I usually haven't eaten for several hours before I start and I don't eat anything after either, I might have some orange juice or something and I also drink plenty of water. I like feeling light before I go to bed.
Marci Marci 7 years 50 weeks
I don't work out at all right now, so I can't help you out here. But when I'm taking dance classes, I eat protein an hour before the class.