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I am at work all day and need effective ways to housetrain my 1 year old puppy! How do you teach them to hold it in?
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Does anyone feed their dog CANIDAE dry food? My dog stayed at a fancy pet hotel & they fed her this & now she won't eat her food

nicky360 nicky360 5 years 42 weeks
When my dog was a pup the vet had me feeding him four to five meals a day because he was underweight. In order to get him to eat so much I would mix a spoonful of baby food (the pure pureed meats only) and it worked like a charm. Even now I'll mix some in if he gets bored with his dry food.
HaterTot HaterTot 5 years 42 weeks
Mine has eaten Canidae and liked it. My pup only eats pricey, grain free foods. The grain free is the necessary part b/c the cheap grocery store/PetSmart brands make her skin even more sensitive than it is, and her doctor said grain free is best. But, she gets bored after a couple of bags and then won't eat, so I have to switch it up. Lately, I've been adding a little wet food to her current bag, b/c she's grown bored with it, and I'm not just going to buy another bag of something different when there's more than half a bag of this left. It seems to work pretty well, and has saved me needing to constantly switch her dry food. I'd love to be able to feed her Beneful and call it a day, but sadly that results in a whole other set of expensive problems!