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Does anyone know a long lasting foundation for oily skin

Can someone please help me find a decent foundation. I need something that will stay on pretty much all day with good coverage. Right now I use the smashbox photo finish primer and a foundation from elizabeth arden but it doesn't really stick. I need something to look polished and professional all day long, which is really hard to do when all your makeup comes off in two hours. Any products and/or application suggestions are appreciated!

AgnesFemi AgnesFemi 4 years 8 weeks
This is one which i hv tried for my oily skin
MarthaStevensen MarthaStevensen 4 years 10 weeks
As a general guideline don't buy anything that isn't oil free. The best success is generally had with mineral powder foundations. When you apply these in the right way they have the least chance to break you out
hms0017 hms0017 4 years 16 weeks
I could list foundations all day based on liquid, cream, mineral. Cheapest being E.L.F mineral starter kit Bare Mineral Matte minerals starter kit Liquid foundation- Makeup Forever Hd Laura Mercier oil free foundation Nars Sheer Matte Foundation Revlon Colorstay oily/combination skin Cream- Laura Mercier creme silk foundation I could go on or check out my website :)
rebecca2010 rebecca2010 4 years 41 weeks
I have oily skin and found Zomiah Cosmetics picture perfect foundation and I LOVE IT. It stays on all day. What I do, I first apply the foundation all over face incluiding eye lids, then I proceed to apply the rest of my makeup, blush, shadows etc. and lastly, I apply Zomiah's translucent pressed powder. What this does, it seals the makeup and makes my makeup last all day. I work as a waitress so I'm very active, and my makeup is always impecable. Read more:,Best-Make-up-Brands#ixzz1UjV5VmHL
evarua2 evarua2 6 years 20 weeks
My skin is very oily. I have used MAC STUDIO FIX and BARE MINERALS FOUNDATION, they are both long lasting, more MAC STUDIO FIX. note: THEY ARE VERY BAD FOR YOUR SKIN, AFTER USING THEM I HAD SKIN PROBLEMS AND I AM STILL TRYING TO FIX MY FACE BACK TO WHAT IT WAS. you should keep your foundation and carry it with you and retouch when ever you need, use a good face moisturizer and a good primer special for oily skins and that works for you
lilkimbo lilkimbo 6 years 30 weeks
I'm surprised no one has suggested it yet, but I highly recommend the whole HD line from Make Up For Ever. Right now, I'm actually mixing the HD Foundation with the Mat Velvet Foundation. The HD Powder and Primer are amazing, too.
luxlife1 luxlife1 6 years 30 weeks
I highly suggest Revlon colorstay foundation. It's ment for oily skin and is SPF 6. I have such poor oily skin and this works the best for me and lasts for 16 hours!
lysenthylae lysenthylae 8 years 49 weeks
hi there - have you tried Gerda Spillmann Bio Fond? its a swiss made fondation and lasts all day. you can get a free sample at or the cheapest place i found to buy it is they use it in movies, etc... like in tomb raider on jolie... its great! i would suggest getting a sample or two first to find your right shade good luck!
Rafielle Rafielle 8 years 50 weeks
Laura Mercier's Oil Free Liquid Foundation holds up very well on my oily skin, and it photographs beautifully as well! Be sure to use a primer with any foundation if your skin is oily to prolong the wear. Hope this helps!
Mintie Mintie 8 years 50 weeks
I use Clarins Primer and Lancome Magique Matte Mousse when I need to keep the oil under control. Don't be afraid of the mousse. Stop by the counter and have them try it on you. I love it! I finish it off with Shiseido Powdery Finish Compact Powder applied with a Kabuki brush and I'm set for the night! Another thing you might want to try is Lancome's Pure Focus Oil COntrol Gel. Or Shiseido has a product [I'm sorry, I forget the name] which is also a mattifyer, but that one has salicylic [sp?] acid in it, which reduces the size of your pores, hence reducing oil production. This will benefit you in the longer term.
JessNess JessNess 8 years 50 weeks
tiffany- I totally thought you were GeekSugar since you have her face as you avie :rotfl:
tiffany23 tiffany23 8 years 50 weeks
MAC Studio Fix Fluid is a good recommendation if you don't break out easily. BE is another good suggestion if your skin wont react to the bismuth in it like some people's does (and like mine did)(itching or a tiny tingly/burning sensation when you get all sweaty). Examples of mineral foundation without Bismuth are Alima and Everyday Minerals, which you can only buy online. I also like Prescriptives Flawless liquid foundation, its oil free and hasn't caused any breakouts for me so far. A great site to check out, where I am a member, is They have thousands of product reviews and discussion boards where you can ask questions... its a very popular site. Hope this helps!
ash_marisa ash_marisa 8 years 51 weeks
I second MAC Studio Fix Fluid
trendyindc trendyindc 8 years 51 weeks
Thanks for all the advice ladies! i'm going to go and try out some tomorrow and see what works best!
Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt Shiloh-Jolie-Pitt 8 years 51 weeks
Hi Trendy, if your skin can stand Bare Minerales, I would totally recommend it. It does last all day, after working out, a day on the beach, pretty much stays until you cleanse your face. It does make me itchy so I just use it as a spot concealer. I also agree with Clinique. They make this awesome sports foundation or something like it. It offers good coverage, it does not give you sheen (which does happen with Bare Minerals) and it also stays until you wash it off. I have gotten into the habit of applying my foundation after primer, spot conceal and then I apply a cheek stain (I like Joey New York), then I apply some loose powder with a brush (either BE Mineral Vail or Laura Geller Blotting Powder) and my face stays on all day :-) For the Florida weather, that is a total accomplishment! __________________________ Naughty Dices are fun ;)
abfabsabs abfabsabs 8 years 51 weeks
I have oily skin too, and the combination that I find works the best is Dr. Brandt Pores No More with M.A.C. Studio Fix applied with a high-quality brush. Studio Fix is a powder and foundation in one that contains silica, so it really mattifies rather than contributing to the oiliness like I find so many liquid foundations do. Best of luck!
LisaK LisaK 8 years 51 weeks
I use Clinique's Superfit. I still get oily, but I use blotting papers and occasionally will use powder through out the day. This keeps it on and looking fresh. I live outside of Houston so it withstands the humidity too. I have been using it for a few years now and have been happy with it.
mieko14 mieko14 8 years 51 weeks
Trendy, I just bought Almost Makeup from Clinique, and I really like it so far. I, too, have very oily skin (like, I'm shiny after 15-20 minutes after powdering my nose), and even though I still get oily with this stuff, the makeup stays on throughout the day. Best of all, it's very sheer and light, so I don't feel like I'm wearing spackle. They also make something called Workout Makeup which seems to have heavier coverage.