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Hi everyone,

Trying to defrost a car in the morning has cost me 3 nails in the last month. This means all my nails go shorter, but it also means my polishes go darker. Strange as it sounds.... if you wear very dark colours on long nails you look like Drusilla (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) or Morticia (Adams Family). Now that my nails have reached a "decent" length again here I am showing you a polish I've owned for a while but never worn and now LOVE!

On these pictures you see

This is colour that is very aubergine, really pretty and stays on the nails amazing.
Basically I've used Nail Tek - Foundation II (intensive therapy) on my nails to help them grow strong.
Next is a layer of Nail Tek - Foundation II (ridge-filling base coat with strengthener) to give a great base for the colour to stick to.
Then came 2 coats of Dolcetto.



As you can see, this is my right hand, so if you practice enough, you can paint your nails with left just as well as with right.