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Look for Less-Elizabeth And James Across The Hand Feather Ring

I think GOD has answered my prayers!!! AMEN. The Elizabeth and James Across the Hand Double Feather Ring is now at a price I can afford.
The day I layed my eyes across this ring I was in LOVE, but for $425 I knew it could never be mine. It is like that guy you date you have great chemistry but you could never be. I felt like this LOVE AFFAIR WOULD NEVER BE.

But no need to fret FOREVER 21 always saves the day. The give me everything I want and more. I would marry Forever 21 and have it's affordable babies. :) And I am serious. But enough of me ranting about this feast your eyes on this MAGIC SENT FROM HEAVEN FOR ONLY $4.80.

Just click on the picture below to purchase or for more details.

Elizabeth and James Across the Hand Ring




Forever 21 Feather Connector Ring


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