Dr. Cow Vegan Cheese

So I found some vegan cheese that is pretty darn good! It's called Dr. Cow's Tree Nut Cheese and here is what the company has to say about their product:

"Our cheese is made from 100% raw, organic nuts. First we carefully select the nuts and seeds, then we mix the raw nuts with our own home-made acidophilus and a little royal pink himalayan salt (one of the best salts available in the market!).Thus we have made nut curd by applying the same procedures for making traditional dairy-based cheese! Our cheeses are made with absolutely no preservatives, stabilizers, artificial ingredients or additives of any kind. 100% dairy free, no gluten, no casein, no soy and lactose free, 100% organic and vegan!"

Unfortunately, it's tough to get a hold of since it is only available in a few stores and can get pricey from online stores. Dr. Cow offers a 5-cheese sampler for a whopping $75, or you can buy just one or two from other places such as www.veganessentials.com

I bought 2 from Vegan Essentials: the Aged Cashew and Hemp seed and the Aged Cashew and Dulse. $38 and 2 days later, I receieved my box of (2) 4oz cheeses. Yep. I paid $38 for two tiny things of "cheese" that were a lot smaller than I was expecting...but they were damn good! They do have a bit of a mayonaise taste, but otherwise, they're very cheese-like. I only tried these two and I haven't attempted to buy others--saving my pennies ;) But you may find that you just can't live without it and you may also be lucky enough to live near a store that sells it. The cheese I bought was $9.49 and $8.95 and I also had to buy a cold pack for $2.95 AND pay for 2-day shipping to ensure freshness. (My husband about killed me)!

Check out these sites:



and http://kblog.lunchboxbunch.com/2009/11/dr-cow-tree-nut-raw-vegan-cheese.... for a great review on all the cheeses.

Let me know what you think of it if you try it, or have in the past. I'd love to hear some opinions!

Dr. Cow Vegan CheeseDr. Cow's Vegan Cheese
girlA girlA 6 years 10 weeks
I know! I just wish it was easier for me to get (and cheaper)!
cipriana cipriana 6 years 10 weeks
This cheese is phenomenal :)