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Dramatic Eye Makeup!

Dramatic Eye Makeup & The Best of MAC


MAC Dramatic Eye Makeup

Nominee: International Color Awards 2nd Annual Photography Masters Cup

Name: Luke Duval

Country: USA
Title: MAC Makeup


MAC dramatic eye makeup

Credit: wenjun658 at

MAC Dramatic Eye Makeup

MAC C Shock Collection

Dramatic Eye Makeup

Dramatic eye makeup up close, fascinating how the use of lines and color accents can completely change the look and size of the eye.

MAC Dramatic Eye Makeup

Eyes: MAC Pixel Paint, MAC CCB Luna, Ben Nye Chartreuse, Ben Nye Sun Yellow, MAC Too Dolly eyeshadow: Ben Nye Royal Purple, Romping eyeshadow, MAC Shroom eyeshadow, MAC Feline eyeline and PlushLash mascara.
Credit: Dreamglow at

More Dramatic Eye Makeup

Dramatic Eye Makeup

Roses in Bloom: Use a golden tone MAC eyeshadow over the entire lid. Shade with a taupeor khaki and line the outer corners of the lid with purple red.

Dramatic Eye Makeup

Purple Explosion: This provides the perfect bright eye look for nighttime. Try a big shadow brush to wash a shimmery white all over the lid. Then use a shimmery purple glow within the contours, and use a darker shadow of the same type of purple tone to line the outer corner of the under eye.

Dramatic Eye Makeup

The Classic Bruised Look: This look while extremely dramatic is also beatiful and really emphasizes the eyes. Use a finger to apply a deep purple shadow, like any of the MAC makeup eyeshadow in purple. Use a deep shimmer in a darker gray above the eye. Then some shimmer in nude or bone on the brow bone. Finish with a purple mascara.

Dramatic Eye Makeup

Pink Orchids: Brush a dusty white, like MAC makeup's eye shadow in vellum, over the lid. Add a pink, like MAC makeup's swish, in the socket and, above it, a dab of lime, such as MAC makeup's bitter, and blend into the lashes. To finish try Powerpoint’s white eye pencil, light as air, in the inner corner of the eye with Powerpoint’s burgundy liner, in bordeauxline

I love them what do you think!!?!

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anakiya anakiya 5 years 19 weeks
These look great. I love all the colors and the dramatic effects. I work in a very conservative industry so my make p is always very muted. However, I absolutely appreciate these looks. Great job.
mahreens mahreens 5 years 23 weeks
Great work! Not only are the colours dramatic and full of vibrancy, I absolutely love the way the eye make up has been applied. The blending of colours, whether there has been one colour applied, two or multiple, it looks fabulous.
hiiper hiiper 5 years 24 weeks
I totally love these.
BlaqueMUA BlaqueMUA 6 years 5 weeks
Im all about drama when it comes to makeup all my looks serve it up! Thanks for the inspiration!
esteta esteta 6 years 8 weeks
These are great! Thanks for the inspiration. I am loving seeing all of the bright colors right now! I would wear all but maybe #1 & #3 out in public in a normal situation. Why not-makeup is supposed to be fun, right?! I would still use those two for inspiration, and maybe even do it under the right circumstances!!!