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San Francisco, Day Two: Layer Up
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Ebay Haul

I ordered a bunch of stuff on ebay in the last week of 2008. They arrived today, and I am happy to show what I've got. The ebay seller whom I ordered from is

What's inside..
4 NYX Round Lipsticks, 2 NYX Lip pencils, 2 NYX Jumbo Pencil, 1 Max factor eyeshadow trio

L - Thalia  R - LalaL - Thalia R - Lala

Top - Goddness   Bottom - VitaminTop - Goddness Bottom - Vitamin

NYX Lip PencilsNYX Lip Pencils

NYX Jumbo Pencils in Milk (Left) Cottage Cheese (right) NYX Jumbo Pencils in Milk (Left) Cottage Cheese (right)

The Jumbo pencils go on so smooth and form a great base for white and pale colour eyeshadows!! Loves it!
Max Factor Trio Ravenous 300Max Factor Trio Ravenous 300

I am so excited to do a look with the eyeshadows!

For more pictures, comments, and swatches,please visit my makeup blog - I will be posting them soon.

Thanks for reading!

HeatherStJoeMI HeatherStJoeMI 7 years 19 weeks
I like Goddess and Vitamin. The shadow trio should be fun too.
lorenashley lorenashley 7 years 20 weeks
let us know how you like the max factor. i used to be a fan of their shadows til i actually used it..was kinda powdery but it could have been because i didnt use a primer.
BabydollJustina BabydollJustina 7 years 20 weeks
I like those lipstick shades. Looking forward to your post.
sofi sofi 7 years 20 weeks
Looks great! nice finds :)