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Eggplant Arugula Pizza

Eggplant Arugula Pizza
Pizza is undoubtedly a classic American favorite. Often even the smallest of towns have a mom and pop pizza joint, whipping up pies to feed the insatiable pizza appetites of locals. There’s just something about the simple combination of lighty, airy dough, rich cheese, and fresh toppings that makes pizza a timeless treat. While finding a slice typically isn’t too hard, making your own pie guarantees a great time. After a little fun in the kitchen, a crowd-pleasing, homemade pizza, topped with any ingredient of your desire, can be in your hands in less than an hour. The following recipe revamps pizza into an adult version, loaded with quality ingredients and a ton of flavor. Starring a variety of fresh, flavorful ingredients, you won’t even notice that the crust holding these toppings is whole wheat. For pizza crust connoisseurs, well, feel free to ditch the healthier crust and stick with you own favorite dough recipe. Either way, get ready for the show full of taste rocking out on top. For the recipe, visit: