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Emeril's Orlando

I went to Universal Studios Orlando for my birthday and I HAD to eat at Emeril's! It was one of the best meals I have ever had.

We had to eat at the chef's bar since we only made reservations 3 days in advance... but that was ok.. we got a nice lil corner area. the service was great. Our waiter gave us his recommendations, was quick with drinks, bread, and refills so he got a very nice tip!

For my birthday they gave us a free appetizer: shrimp cerviche on a corn tortilla chip. It had a nice salty tang from the shrimp and citrus and a great crunch from the chip and had a nice creamy finish from the creme fresh like sauce.

For main course, I had the filet mignon with smashed potatoes and walnut bacon hash with a fried onion ring! oooooo it was good.. the steak was nice and juicy.. the mashed potatoes creamy with just a few lumps and red potato skin for texture.. the walnuts and bacon complimented everything very well.. it was definitely on my top 5 meals list..

and for dessert the waiters sang happy birthday.. gave me a molten chocolate cake with mango sorbet.. the mango sorbet was great.. like biting into a fresh ripe east indian mango.. but the chocolate cake was slightly dry around the edges.. but altogether a great meal.

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