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Emma Watson look from Harry Potter Premiere 07-07-2009

Hi everyone,

A while ago I already told you I was planning to do the look Emma Watson was wearing on the Harry Potter Premiere 07-07-2009:

I did the look this Friday and I made a full tutorial out of it for you. Starting with the eye we're going for: . As you can see it's slightly golden in the inner corner going to a more rose golden brown on the outer corner and a shimmery silver on the lower lash line.Of course her picture was taken in summer when the light was more yellow and mine in fall when it's all grey outside.
The finished eye:

All good makeup starts with a good base. I started with a tester by SkinCeuticals called Prevent Serum 10 AOX+ this neutralizes free radicals, defends against environmental damage, and helps prevent premature signs of aging. I've had this mini bottle for a while but never used it because it smells really badly. But today I chose to use it because I thought: "Medicine is supposed to taste badly, maybe this smells horrible but works wonders." And it really is amazing, my skin is soft but also I have a healthy glow again and a few scars I have are lessening.... so I'm really loving this :D .
As a moisturizer I'm using my Shiseido's The Skincare Range's Day Moisture Protection SPF 15 (at night I use their Night Moisture Recharge Light) and the eye cream I'm using is Elizabeth Arden's PREVAGEĀ® Eye Anti-aging Moisturizing Treatment.

I'm using Talika - Lipocils again because my lashes are growing shorter and shorter by the day, I don't know if it's the weather, stress or the Rimmel mascara I'm using lately, but they need some extra care. At the moment I look like this:

I recently acquired the Beauty Blender. I have a love-hate relationship with this thing. I love how easy it is to apply makeup with it, but it eats makeup and it's hell to clean. To use a Beauty Blender you dampen it (under a faucet and then you squeeze all the excess water out with (first without and then with a towel).

Another "new" thing is the Make Up For Ever HD Primer in 00 Neutral and Foundations I got about 3 weeks ago. I finally emptied my Smashbox - Healthy FX HD foundation in L3 and I wanted the MUFE foundation for over 6 months. But in the stores here they don't have the perfect shade for me. Soooo I got the 140 Soft beige (slightly too light but perfect for the middle and end of winter) and the 155 Medium beige (too dark but perfect for the hight of summer). Both foundations together create a perfect colour for me right now. I do have a tendency to use the 140 in the centre of my face and the 155 to contour with when I'm going out. The finish I get is amazing, especially on camera :D .

The MUFE lift concealer is also something that I had trouble with finding my colour, the 3 Neutral Beige (on the left) is too yellow and the no. 1 Pink beige is too light. The no. 2 was too dark and looked horrible on my skin, so again I mix these two to get the amazing colour I need. I sometimes use more of the no. 1 on the inner corners and more of the no. 3 on the outer corners.... but basically it all depends on how my circles are appearing that day.
My makeup looks like this at the moment:
As you can see the concealer does have a tendency to crease if you don't set it immediately. Today it's also a little too light for some reason but I found a solution for that, by using the Undercover Pot in no. 3 by Laura Mercier. In this pot contains a Secret Camouflage (which works perfectly around my nose) and an Secret Concealer for under your eyes which, when you use a little amount, makes the concealer under my eyes look perfect when I use it over the MUFE concealer. I usually set this with the translucent powder also in this pot and the Laura Mercier Camouflage Powder Brush but I just cleaned it and it's drying so I'm using the velours puff by Laura Mercier. . Now this sounds like a lot, and it can be, if you use loads of product, the key to a "natural" look is layering thin layers to create the perfect canvas. So no plastering your skin away. It's all little bits that create a flawless look.

Because as you can see in the picture of Emma, she has amazing cheekbones, but also much contouring going on. To achieve sort of the same look on me, I use Smashbox which is this colour: I apply the blush (first on the apples of my cheeks) and then because this contouring product is a powder I powder the rest of my face first (with the Translucent Laura Mercier powder and Velours puff again) and then I use my Illamasqua - Highlighting brush to contour. I use this brush because it's PERFECT for this kind of thing. It places the colour where you need most depth and then you blend with what's left on the brush and the end result is superb.

I really love the Urban Decay DeLuxe Shadow Box and I use it more then any other palette I own. I have most of these colours as singles as well simply because that's easier to bring with me if I'm staying over at a friend's house. (I have singles of Fishnet, Honey, Heat, Sting, Graffiti and Adore).

The colours I'm using for this look are Shag, Honey and Scratch. I started with my Primer Potion and then used Shag the slight goldeney neutral which I applied with my Smashbox - no. 15 Definer brush. I placed the colour mostly on the inner 1/3 and then blended over to halfway down my lid. To make the colour slightly more golden I used Honey over this. You might ask why not take a more golden tint, well the answer is that I need the makeup to stay bright for long and these DeLuxe colours really keep their pigmentation through the day and night. Also it's more subtle then a gold if you combine Shag and Honey. My eye now looks like this:

I used Scratch on the outer 1/3 of my lid and then blended it into the rest of the colours already on there. This colour is a pinkish champagne colour and you really don't see the actual colour on the picture properly.

To darken the crease somewhat to create depth and add some extra warmth to the look I took up my Smashbox which is still available in the Smashbox - Runway Glam Kit if you open the Shadow and Liner palette you find three cream eyeliners and 4 eyeshadows: I used the shadow most to the left on the top part of the palette. It's a copper colour which I applied with my "new" Illamasqua - Blending Brush 1. My eye now looks like this: .

I've been loving the Illamasqua products I have and that's why I didn't use a silver under my eyes but a silvery green. I HAD to useĀ  Illamasqua - Pure Pigment in Lust. As you can see the lid has a "stopper" which keeps the pigment from becoming a mess if you travel with it and I have brought this with me almost everywhere for over a month now so it's doing it's job as you can see.

The mascara I'm using is from the Sephora Lash Stash brought out last year. This year there is one out as well, but this mascara is not included in the current lash stash.

My eyes now look like this, almost done:

All I wanted to add was a little extra brightness in the inner corner and on the waterline. I used L23 Champagne from Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes.
Final eyes:

Iveenia Iveenia 6 years 13 weeks
will not promise immediately - yet we will see :) kids need to be put in a "quiet" corner ;) then yes :)
CCee CCee 6 years 14 weeks
I'd love it if you did!
Iveenia Iveenia 6 years 14 weeks
very cute and very nice - and very likely that i might copy that as well ;)