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Emma on fashion and style

Cosmoplitan: Who’s the most beautiful person you’ve ever met?
Emma Thompson springs to mind – she’s such a lovely woman. [Singer] Patti Smith is amazing – she seems really youthful but with the wisdom of someone who has been on the earth for a thousand years. And I really respect [director] Sofia Coppola and her artistic sensibilities.

Cosmo: How do you cope with days when you don’t feel so happy in your skin?
I cope by putting them into perspective. If I’m having a bad day I just remind myself to be thankful that my body works and that I’m healthy, and I try to focus on the things that are going right about my day.

Cosmo: What are your latest beauty finds?
There’s a hairbrush called Tangle Teezer – I love it because I can brush my hair when it’s wet without breaking it, and it makes my blow-dry look really good. But I also like those towelling head wraps that let my hair dry naturally, so I don’t have to blow-dry it every time. I’ve also been using eyelash curlers a lot – I never used to but they really make a difference. And I’m obsessed with Lancome’s tinted lip balms, especially the Rose Macaron!

Cosmo: How do you look after those amazing eyebrows?
I thread them because you can get more of a natural curve and line than you get with waxing. I go to Blink Brow Bars in London; they’re really great.

Cosmo Any secret beauty sins?
I keep an emergency pack of makeup-remover wipes by my bed for when I’m too tired and really don’t want to go through the whole process.

Cosmo: What about beauty skills you just can’t get the hang of?
I’m a bit hopeless when it comes to my hair. I tend to just tie it back – it always looks a bit of a mess.

Cosmo: How would you describe your beauty style?
Clean and classic. I have quite a small face, so if I start putting on a lot of makeup it’s really noticeable. I’ve had people try to do big, dark smoky eyes on me and it just looks like I’ve been punched in the eye. So I stopped doing that.

Cosmo: What beauty trick is guaranteed to make you feel sexy?
On a recent photoshoot we used a dark brown smoky eyeliner on my inner eye rims, then teamed it with a dark red lipstick. That look definitely made me feel sexy.

Cosmo: How do you chill out?
I do ashtanga yoga, which I really like; it feels like a dance to me. And I’m trying to learn to meditate. I’ve found it really hard, but I’m getting better. There are great apps that talk you through the process, or I work with my yoga teacher, James Reeves.