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Ex drama.. STILL.. change my number?

My ex and I broke up 8 months ago. We can't seem to talk long without a fight occuring. I personally, don't see the point in talking. He broke up with me and refused to see me after we broke up. He wouldn't even treat me with decent respect of talking face to face. But lately, he wants to text me and thats it. Recently I brought up hanging out and he said that he's not sure that it's a good idea because I will "get upset." It really pissed me off because he just assumes everything. I am perfectly able to control any emotions or feelings I have and be civil with him. But for some reason he thinks I'm still hung up on him. I found that I am MUCH happier without him in my life. He was my first love so that's why whenever I'm sad, I think of him and seem to trap myself in self-pity. Im getting a new phone number soon and I was thinking about not giving it to him. That way he will never text me again and I can move on with my life. He's always very indifferent and rude when I talk to him anyways. Yet I always feel bad if I confront him about it. It's not healthy. Is this a good idea? Should I just disappear completely?

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fresh1721 fresh1721 3 years 26 weeks
Why would you even want to stay in contact with this person?
missmaryb missmaryb 3 years 26 weeks
It's a great idea to change your number and not give it to him. You don't need his negativity dragging you down. It sounds like he doesn't want to be with you but doesn't want you to get on with your life either. It's time to cut all ties for good. Wishing you the best.
henna-red henna-red 3 years 26 weeks
Yep. You should just disappear completely. The two of you don't have a basis for a continuing healthy relationship, so don't try. Stop trying to hold on to him. It didn't work, it doesn't work, and it's time to accept that. No more texting, no hanging out, a clean break and move on. I can see that you know're just hoping someone will tell you to go for it....try for that happy friendship thing. But based on the current's time to disappear. good luck