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FCG: Week 24 Exercise Challenge: Plan a Break!
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FCG: Week 22 Exercise Challenge: Inner Thigh Raise

Inner Thigh RaiseInner Thigh RaiseHi everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend. Are you recommitting to your fitness routine? If you haven't yet, why not start ... right ... now! What's stopping you? Just do it, like Nike says!

So I know we all have that one (or multiple) parts of our body that are the first to 'go' when we start being less fit, for me, it's always been my thighs. I have been blessed with a small upper body, yada yada yada ... but my thighs, they can tell just about the minute I start to slack on fitness. Well lo and behold this morning when I logged into hotmail they had a special workout link to firm and tone your lower body. We have done most of the moves as part of weekly fitness challenges: squats, wide-legged squats, drawbridge, then they had a calf raise and THIS MOVE:

Inner Thigh Raise

START: Lie on your left side with both legs straight and inline with your body. Prop yourself up on your left forearm and elbow and bend your right knee, placing your right foot flat on the floor behind your left knee. Make sure your body is facing sideways, your bottom leg straight and inner thigh facing up. Hold a weight in your right hand and place it on the inner thigh of your bottom leg, as close to your knee as you can.

Technique Tip: Keep your spine from sagging by holding your ribcage high away from the floor.

FINISH: Keep your torso stable and raise your left leg up two to four inches off the floor, feeling the inner thigh muscles contract as you do. Lower and repeat. Then switch sides.

Safety Tip: Avoid letting your upper body slump or move during the leg lift.

Common Error: Turning the bottom knee up

Fit Fix: Keep your bottom leg sideways by pointing the bottom toe forward.

Try it out and let us know what you think! It seems like a creative way to add weight, I like it when the moves are a little bit out of the box. Stay happy and stay fit!

geekygirl geekygirl 8 years 30 weeks
Hi Maria, I love leg abduction and adduction. This is a great move! I already have it in my strength routine but have to try and make time to do more strength training, I find it so much harder to get around to than cardio. I always feel a bit silly doing it when my bf is home as well so I generally only do it when he is working late. Dumb I know but it's just the way it is. Enjoy working out this week Anna ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Find something good in every day. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~