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Favorite Dwight Schrute moments?


Dwight is by far my favorite character in the office, followed by Jim, and probably Michael in a close 3rd. What makes Dwight so lovable are all those gullible moments when Jim pulls the wool over his eyes.

These are some of my favorite Dwight moments:

1. He finds his desk in the men's room

2. He finds his stapler encapsulated in jello

3. He finds his wallet in the vending machine

And lastly, Dwight liked Battlestar Galactica way before I did! ;)

What are your favorite Dwight scenes?

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ForeverTaylor ForeverTaylor 8 years 11 weeks
I love the moment when Jim sends messages to Dwight from the future and he knocks the coffee out of Stanley's hand - When Dwight and Jim are going out on the sales call and he has to prepare in the backseat and Dwight rocks out with the loud music. - Also when Dwight doesn't let Jim walk first through the door because most attacks happen from the rear and then when jim asks him what about the other percentage from the front and Dwight says that he can block those and then Jim smacks him in the face lol. - The speech that Dwight makes when he is at the sales award ceremony. - When Dwight imitates Jim by dressing up as him. oh gosh the list goes on and on!
kristinhomesick kristinhomesick 8 years 16 weeks
- "you can't fire me, i don't work in this van!" - on the way to the hospital after his concussion - when he is discussing his access to medical records he says something in regards to the high incidence of yeast infections in scranton. he then wonders aloud if this due to the fact they are down river from a bread factory. so gross, so hilarious!
jmolea01 jmolea01 8 years 16 weeks
Definitely season one, the alliance episode -- dwight popping up with bleached blonde hair in the very last scene -- priceless!
anned anned 8 years 16 weeks
crap I almost forgot-how about when he gives his speech!! oh lord that was a riot.
anned anned 8 years 16 weeks
man this list is hilarious! I am cracking up just reading these. you all listed my favs, but how about when he maces pam's ex-fiance? when he gets pumped up in the hallway, or listens to hard rock in his car? when he takes ryan on the sales training trip and they end up at the beet farm? oh the list could go on...
runnerjenn827 runnerjenn827 8 years 16 weeks
i'm gonna have to agree with jennifer76 and say the time when dwight slaps the 'poisoned' cup of coffee out of stanley's hand is a top 5 dwight k. schrute moment.
jennifer76 jennifer76 8 years 16 weeks
Ohhh! Wait! One more! When he sets off the "gaydar" on himself!
jennifer76 jennifer76 8 years 16 weeks
Oh! And Pavlov Dwight with the Altoids! I doon't know! :rotfl: (But I still like Gareth better. :oops: )
jennifer76 jennifer76 8 years 16 weeks
Dwight saving Stanley from the poisoned coffee after being warned by future Dwight. Dwight trapping the bat in the bag over Meredith's head. Dwight crashing his car, puking, and still rushing to help Michael. And my absolute favorite is Dwight on the roof waiting for the CIA and tossing his phone.
k-squared k-squared 8 years 16 weeks
Mine are: - the bravery certificate - the exercise ball, where Jim punctures it, with, guess what- a stapler - when Jim is at Stanford and faxes Dwight messages from the future.. "someone poisons the coffee.." haha - when Dwight tries to rescue Michael after the George Foreman grill incident - and when Dwight tried to comfort Pam (it's a more sweet than funny moment, but it makes me crack up when he says "you're PMSing really bad, huh?)
emalove emalove 8 years 17 weeks
What about when Dwight is trying to catch the bat and traps it in a bag over Meredith's head??!! That made me die laughing...
acupofjoy acupofjoy 8 years 17 weeks
When Jim convinces him to destroy his cell phone...thinking he's meeting some CIA or FBI operative...Ha!! Ha!!! Ha!! Also, when Jim pops Dwights exercise ball... Jim - "How much was that?" Dwight - "Twenty bucks." Jim - "Oh." Grabs scissors and pops balloon. My all time favorite is when Jim describes how he slowly added nickels to Dwight's phone and then one day took them all out....Ah, ha, ha, ha!!!! So funny!
elanakat elanakat 8 years 18 weeks
hmmm.. this is so hard! I agree with ALL of you! I also love: When Dwight is convinced that Jim is a vampire All of his fights with Andy, especially the one in the elevator When he plays the part of Agent Michael Scarn in Michael's screenplay When he is Regional Manager for the day and When he and Angela are fighting during the fun run and someone sees them so he says "Don't worry, I'm robbing her!" plus all the ones you guys said, but I wanted to say some new ones
suebree96 suebree96 8 years 18 weeks
One of my favorites is the one where a joint was found in the parking lot of Dunder Mifflin and Dwight starts questioning everyone in the office about it and Jim turns the table on him and basically accuses Dwight of using drugs. Oh, and the one where He's wailing by himself in the room, when Jim and Pam stay at his bed and breakfast, over Angela.
JennaV JennaV 8 years 18 weeks
One of my favey moments is when Dwight brings Angela Garbage to make up for killing Sprinkles :rotfl: :rotfl: Oh! And when Jim tries to give him that fake Sheriff certificate or whatever and he goes "There is a teddy bear in the corner" :rotfl:
emalove emalove 8 years 18 weeks
My FAVORITE Dwight moment is when he rushes off to "rescue" Michael after he burns his foot on the Foreman grill...he smashes his car, gets out and vomits all over it, but still gets back in to go get Michael. SO funny. I also love the episode where he dresses up like Jim, to try to get back at Jim for dressing up as him the day before.