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Feel the Love! 10 Heart-Opening Yoga Poses

Feel the Love! 10 Heart-Opening Yoga Poses

Why not celebrate Valentine's Day with a little bit of yogic love? Physically stretching the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and belly can create a deep emotional release, helping you to appreciate and honor yourself and your loved ones. These poses also bring a feeling of lightness and contentment, so try these 10 heart-opening stretches to make you feel positively blissful.

Source: Louisa Larson Photography

Feel the Love! 10 Heart-Opening Yoga PosesBow<a href="http:/... East</a> Twisting Extended Side AngleSeated Heart-OpenerWheelArching WarriorUpward Facing DogHalf King Pigeon<a href="http:/... Tuck</a> Intense East
Advah Advah 4 years 42 weeks
Lovely sequence, thank you! Would you also have some poses to recommend that target the lower back? I'm pretty flexible but recently noticed there are many poses I can't do because my lower back gets sore very easily (camel pose is a nightmare!).
M-Kamran-Jilani M-Kamran-Jilani 5 years 38 weeks
it is very useful